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make a vision board

How To Make A Powerful Vision Board For Your Homestead in 4 Steps

Do you want to make a vision board for your homestead? Do you know what a vision board is? A vision board is


improve your front yard

The Best Ways To Improve Your Front Yard

Like wrapping a present in shiny gift wrappers or putting a cover on a book, improving your home’s curb appeal is all about

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Ann Marie Lewellyn bio image on 15 Acre Homestead

I am a “from-scratch”, old-fashioned, crafty, do-it-yourself country kinda gal with a soft heart for animals and a vision for off-grid homesteading!

Design and Plan Your Ideal Homestead


Click below to find out how you can plan your ideal homestead step by step in 5 days!


make your home smell great featured image

5 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great

Everybody wants to have a home that smells inviting as soon as they enter it. As you can imagine, that isn’t always the

cleaning tasks featured image

4 Cleaning Tasks That You Should Not Avoid At Your Home

A clean home is like a paradise. You will agree with us on the fact that it feels so refreshing and welcoming to

family bond featured image

When the Family Bond Is Weak: 4 Powerful Tips to Strengthen It

The family bond, just like any other relationship, has to be worked on for you to be happy together. Nowadays, families can share


gaining self-sufficiency with animals featured image

Gaining Self-Sufficiency With Animals

If you’re trying to become more self-sufficient on your homestead there are many ways to do so. Growing food, canning

zebu cows featured image

Zebu Cows: A Simple Guide for the Homestead

Recently, Lance did a land clearing job for a customer. Because the customer could not afford the cash to pay

wildlife control and removal featured image

Easy and Effective Wildlife Control And Removal

A variety of methods are used for wildlife control and removal of human property. Since wildlife around humans can be

Making an Income

Have you considered a seasonal business on your homestead? Consider the tips mentioned here to start making an additional income from your homestead.

Setting Up a Profitable Seasonal Business on Your Farm: 5 Ways To Do So

A homesteading lifestyle might be something you have been dreaming about for a long time before you made your move,

make extra money featured image

16 Smart Ways to Make Extra Money While Homesteading

What does homesteading really mean, I hear you ask? Is it heading for the hills entirely off the grid or

Do you spend a lot of time inside your home? Try some of the suggestions here to make a second source of income for your homestead.

Great Ideas for Making Money Inside the Home

There are so many great ideas for making money inside the home on your homestead! In this post, I will


unusual home renovations

Unusual Home Renovations To Try

Buying a new home or apartment is an exhilarating time. The feeling that you can do whatever you want is


community garden and allotment

A Community Garden and Allotments – 2 Great Alternatives to Gardening

More people than ever are choosing to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. But often, your home lacks the growing room necessary for a garden. Securing space in a Community Garden or an Allotment is a great way to explore your love of gardening even when there just isn’t

Food Forest eBook

Managing your food security

Food security is the starting point of self-sufficiency. This eBook will teach you how to grow a food forrest in your back yard!

Everything Dandelions

Food and health recipes

Dandelions are often considered a weed, but their health benefits are quite remarkable. Get this eBook to learn their benefits and how you can use them!

Getting Started

How to get started homesteading

This ebook on how to get started homesteading will be coming soon!

Borax eBook

Benefits and uses of borax

Borax is is a substance that has many uses around the home. This ebook detailing its uses and benefits is coming soon!

How To Grow Vegetables And Save Money Too

How to grow your own food

This book gives you step by step instructions on everything you need to do to get started growing a vegetable garden in your own backyard!

Old Time Hacks

Homesteading hacks from days gone by

This collection of hacks made life easier for our ancestors and still apply today!

Vinegar eBook

Versatile uses for vinegar

You will be surprised how many uses there are for vinegar around the home , the homestead and even the garage! This ebook is coming soon!

Organic Gardening E-Book For Beginners

Organic gardening for Newbies!

Why not start your own organic vegetable garden right in your back yard to provide you and your family with organic vegetables!

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