Why Your House Needs A Dog

Dogs. The creatures that have been around us from the time of early man, the creatures we all know well and love well, with cute eyes and wagging tails whenever they meet someone new. Dogs are wonderful beings. Even just walking past one on the street gives you a huge chance of making a new friend that day, and when it comes to petting them, we can receive our own forms of free therapy.


So if you don’t have a dog, don’t you think it’d be a good idea to get one? If you can afford one that is; dogs aren’t just Christmas and birthdays after all. And when you do get a dog, make sure you’ve adopted and not shopped for it! Here’s a couple of more in-depth reasons apart from the cuteness factor as to why your house needs a dog.

your house needs a dog


Why Your House Needs A Dog



Petting a Dog Lowers Your Blood Pressure


We’ve all had that moment when we can feel a kind of pounding in our heads, notifying us that our blood pressure is a little out of whack and we need to do something about it. And if hypertension is something you’re worried about, a dog can be a good fix for it. When you’re petting a dog, there’s a good chance your brain is going to block out a lot of the extraneous background noise of worry and stress, and help you to truly relax at the moment.


As we mentioned above, it’s incredibly therapeutic to stroke a dog, and the dog is definitely going to show their appreciation for it in return! So if you’re a person who knows they have issues with their blood pressure, or you have a history of heart problems in your family, getting a dog even comes with beneficial medical reasons.

why your house needs a dog


They Can Calm Your Anxiety


Having a dog can do a lot for making sure you’re calm and collected whenever you’re out and about, in situations that can quickly divulge into a panic attack if you aren’t with someone you know and trust or you can’t get out of the area. So if you do suffer from anxiety, taking your dog for a walk both help you get out of the house and see people, and still have something comforting by your side.


If your symptoms are more serious than that, however, you even have the right to apply for a service animal. You can look into the truth about ESAs here if you feel the need to. Think about how much it might benefit your way of life. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in your need for a constant canine companion when you’re out and about. Your need is no less serious than someone who has a more physical reason of needing a dog by their side to lead the way.

your house needs a dog


You’ll Go Outside More


Walking a dog needs to happen about twice a day, and there’s no good simply setting up a treadmill to have your dog run on! Dogs love the outside world, and they love to go exploring in it, so make sure you let them indulge their senses in such a wide and beautiful world.


And at the same time, you’ll be able to do the same. Whether you’re down the park or taking a hike through the woods, when you have a dog you have a good excuse to be out and about. You’re going to be able to stick to the responsibility a lot easier as well! This is another big reason your house needs a dog.

why your house needs a dog


You’ll Recover from Illness a Lot Faster


If you’re someone who tends to get ill easily, having a dog laying next to you can be a good way to strengthen your immune system and make sure you’re out of bed about a day earlier than you usually would be. So get a dog to make sure you can become a much more healthy person, and never look back.


Your dog can understand you a lot better than a human can, and when you’re recovering from a serious illness attack or a surgery, turning to your canine companion can do a lot for making you feel more hopeful for the future.

your house needs a dog


Your house needs a dog, and it’s going to be completely worth the investment when you’re noticing all the differences your four-legged friend is making. Don’t worry, you can teach it not to jump on the sofa to keep the furniture clean! Do you have a dog in your house? 


Dogs are special creatures and the benefits that come with owning them are amazing. Your house needs a dog for so many reasons.



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