Worrying About Pests When Homesteading? Don’t Let the Bugs Put You Off!

The idea of homesteading can be enticing to some. Living off the land, growing food, raising livestock, and being self-sufficient sounds excellent! However, the reality is that it’s a lot more complicated and time-consuming than people think. There are also many not-so-glamorous things that you must get used to when homesteading, and one of those things is worrying about pests.

Since you’re spending a lot of time outdoors and planting crops, you’ll undoubtedly encounter many bugs! This alone could prevent many people from attempting to homestead, but there are plenty of ways to manage pests and insects if you know how!

Identifying and dealing with pests

Much like you would for a regular house, it’s a good idea to identify pests and deal with them as quickly as possible. You can consider mosquito control to deal with those annoying bloodsuckers. You can even have traps installed around your homestead. These trap and capture mice and other rodents.

It will cost you a bit of money to identify and deal with these pests. But you’ll also learn a lot in the process. And you can stop worrying about pests.

Dealing with pests quickly will give you more peace of mind and help your crops grow without being held back. It’ll also help protect your livestock if you have any. The sight of fewer bugs and pests will make your homesteading experience much more enjoyable!

Mosquitoes on screen

Keep your homestead clean

There will be lots of traditional pests you’ve probably encountered before, such as mice. The rules for dealing with pests like mice are the same for your homestead. You need to keep your homestead clean, avoid leaving out any trash they might eat, and keep your home closed so they don’t sneak in for warmth.

In short, cleaning up your homestead is a good way to avoid most pests that feed off the extra food and water that you may accidentally leave out. Practice basic cleaning and hygiene tips, and you should be protected against most pests.

Woman cleaning the kitchen

Natural insecticides can help

Natural insecticides such as neem oil can help to deter pests from your homestead. Neem oil, in particular, is naturally occurring and works brilliantly for controlling pests. As such, it’s a fantastic product for your garden, and it won’t put you and your family at risk.

Neem oil

Remember that not all insects are bad!

Bugs can be a massive problem for your homestead, but remember that not all of them are bad. Predatory beetles and ladybugs can help control pest populations while minimizing crop damage. If you see these helpful bugs, it’s best to leave them be so they can protect your crops! You can encourage these to inhabit your garden by growing different plants.

Sadly, while insects can be helpful, pests are annoying by definition so there are no beneficial ones to speak of!

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