Successfully Working at Home For You And Your Dog

For a lot of dogs, successfully working at home has been an exciting and very welcome development. All that time with their human! What could be better?

While being at home all day provides great company for your dog, it’s important to form a routine that enables you to get on with your work and your dog learns to be calm in your presence. 

It can take some time to fall into a homeworking routine, but with a little patience, you and your dog can make it work. Check out these tips for successfully working at home for you and your dog.

Stick to a routine

One of the best ways to get your dog used to you working at home is by establishing a routine. Having a set time to wake up and go to bed, as well as time for walks and food, will help your dog come to know what to expect during the day.

While your dog might take some time to get used to working at home, you can help things along by keeping your routine consistent. Choose times you know you can stick to, or your dog will soon let you know when it’s time for some attention!

Woman walking a dog

Regular walks will be great for you and your dog

Did you know that dog walking makes you happier? It is a lot of fun for your dog too. But it can be the perfect way to break up your day and beat the stresses of work.

Taking a break at lunch to get outside and walk your dog will help you both enjoy some exercise. So your dog can give you a nice quiet afternoon. Adding a morning and an evening walk will be great exercise for you. And it helps your dog get plenty of time outdoors.

Keep them occupied around the house

Working at home with your dog is one of the best things that can happen to your dog. They love and want your attention. But that’s not always ideal when you’ve got things to do.

Distracting your dog while you’re working is a must so that you can get on with things. It will make sure that they get plenty of mental and physical stimulation. From games to treats that take a lot of work, you’ll soon find tactics that work to keep your dog entertained by themselves.

Dog on a bed with a stuffed animal

Teach them some important commands 

Your dog needs to listen to you while you’re at home. Training is one of your key responsibilities as a dog owner. Teaching them commands that keep them quiet (or to lie down) can help. Especially when you’ve got a lot of work to do. 

Good, quiet behavior can be reinforced with the help of calming dog treats to help them learn how to be a good co-worker. While teaching them to be quiet is important, it’s also important that you don’t neglect your dog while at home. Keep an eye on them. Monitor for signs they need to go outside or are a little hungry – they can be hard to miss when you’re busy with your work!

With a little effort and some simple tricks, working from home can be the perfect setup for you and your dog.

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