Why You Should Be Giving Wooden Gifts

We live in a time where everything is fast, made quickly, and often broken or put away before the end of the celebration. Hyper-consumerism is just how it appears to be… until recent years. 

The last few years have seen the rise of handmade, one-off, personalized gifts and goods. Sellers on Etsy, art fares, personal websites, and more have seen an increase in people wanting to buy something that is beautiful – something that will last. 

The perfect gift doesn’t have to be expensive, heavy, extravagant, or OTT. The perfect gift is usually something that is smaller, carefully chosen, and thoughtful – with the giftee in mind. 

While there are many great materials for gifts like glass, metals, and more – wooden gifts just have something special about them.

So why should you choose a wooden gift the next time a special occasion rolls around?

Wooden handmade map

Ages beautifully 

If there is one thing that wood does, it is age beautifully. So long as the care instructions are adhered to, the wooden gift will age gently over time. What is remarkable about wood is that it doesn’t fade, but rather the details become more pronounced. 

Treated wooden gifts will last even longer and look stunning as they age too. 


Although the wooden gifts might get a few knocks or scuffs over the years, it is a very durable material. Wooden gifts have been given for centuries, and that is because they last for that long and more. 

When wood is carefully carved and stored, it will stand the test of time. 

If you purchase your wooden gift from a carpenter or woodworker, you can ask for a set of instructions that you can give to the person who will have the piece. 

This will enable the item to have the piece for many years and in the condition that you want it to be kept in. 

This is one of the reasons that wooden jewelry boxes and other storage boxes are so popular when it comes to items made of wood. 

Wooden jewelry box


Wood burning has become very popular in the last few years. Engraving and wood-burning have the ability to create some of the most beautiful and personal gifts. With the precision tools that are not available, it is possible to create intricate scripts, images, and even laser cut wooden maps

Since wood can be cut to size, you can completely choose huge masterpieces of small pocket-sized items in keeping with what the person you are gifting would like. 

Ceremonial and Traditional

Wood can have a huge cultural significance or make people feel more at one with nature. If you have a friend who often spends time walking in the woods and will try to buy natural materials, you know they will appreciate wooden gifts. 

Yet, if you have very traditional friends with gifts for landmark celebrations, those who are having a 5th anniversary would enjoy something wooden for their gift. 

Wood can be included in so many gift types, and what makes it even cooler is that it can be added to and modified too. 

It’s not just wood that has been chopped down and prepared for carving or inscriptions either. You can also plant trees yourself, sponsor a tree-planting program – or buy items from companies that have a system of every time you buy a product; they plant trees. 

Handmade wood sign


Keepsakes can be one of the ways beloved friends and family members stay with us long after they are gone. You can get your father’s favorite poem etched into a coaster, your great-grandma’s best cake recipes incredible into a recipe book holder. 

It’s not just the larger things that can have something beautiful on them. You can have initials or dates carefully carved into small wooden keyrings – and they go with you everywhere. 

And since the wood is so durable, if they are well maintained, they are gifts that can be passed down through the generations. So that your children’s children’s children will be able to cook the same spectacular cake that your great-grandma did. And there is something very specific in that. 

Perfect anytime

Something that is great about wood is that it can work as a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, or as a ‘just because.’ 

Although we have focused on wooded gifts like jewelry boxes and other inscribed things – wooden frames and other household accessories are also great. 

As an added bonus, you can give your intended giftee some wood and a wood-burning inscription pen so they can try it out for themselves! 
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