5 Ways To Add Wood To Your Decor

The use of wood in the home isn’t just limited to floors and your furniture; it can be used on the ceiling, for your surfaces, as a feature and for anything you like really. It can give your home a unique twist and a one-of-a-kind appearance.

repurposed wooden crate made into a shelf

5 Ways To Add Wood To Your Decor

Wooden Floors

Starting with the floors as it’s probably the most common use of wood in the home, as they look fantastic. When it comes to the choices of wooden floors, there are so many options, and you don’t even have to have real wood, you could choose solid wood flooring or a vinyl or laminate alternative which can brighten spaces and add a charming, classic feel to a home. Wooden flooring not only looks great in any room, but it can really make a living room or conservatory into something very special. With the use of light oaks or painted bamboo, it can really enliven the space and provide an excellent base for decoration.

wood floors

Wooden Window Frames

Energy-efficient wood windows are a really lovely addition to any household. Instead of white plastic-looking window frames, wooden beams made from beautiful pieces of wood really add character and uniqueness to your home. Wood windows also actually last a lot longer than other windows; they are low maintenance and actually add value to your home. 

wooden wondows

Wooden Furniture

Of course, most of your furniture is probably wooden, from oak dressing tables, mirrors, bedside cabinets and your dining table, if you want to add a more rustic look to your home, a wooden bench can be a fantastic feature and can be useful too. Think a wooden bench in the entrance to your home, or perhaps in the kitchen along the wall or as seating for the kitchen table. A few cushions to make it comfy and you have extra seats as well as a classy bit of furniture. 

wood bench

Wooden Ceiling Beams

You decorate your walls, so why not decorate your ceiling too? Having wooden beams, whether for structural or purely decorative reasons, instantly adds visual interest to your home and your room. Reclaimed wood planks lend rustic ambiance, while white-washed panels enhance the coastal appeal, and cement gives any room an industrial vibe. There are so many different styles you can have too, it doesn’t have to be the cozy farmhouse look, but you could go for modern beachside villa ceiling beams, Italian-style kitchen ceiling beams or white-washed minimalism ceiling beams. 

Get Creative With Wood

From wooden crates which you can use as storage boxes or stick to them to the wall to create unique shelving, to art for the wall, there is so much you can do with wood in your home to make it look rustic, cozy and beautiful. There is no such thing as too much wood, from the different styles and colors, you can mix it up and really get the best out of it. 

Using wooden accents in your home decor is easily done when you follow these tips and tricks!


  1. I love wooden decorations and furniture so much especially if it is applied to country houses. It makes my house looks antique and vintage.

  2. My Dad salvaged old barn wood for paneling in their house when I was a kid…it looks pretty cool!

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