Renovating Your Home to Withstand the Forces of a Hurricane

Living in a hurricane-prone area is never simple. It comes with various aspects that need consideration, and one of them is ensuring your home can withstand the storm. With the damage that hurricanes can inflict, making improvements to your home is crucial to keeping your family safe. This blog post will focus on several renovations you can do to your home that will help protect it from the brute force of a hurricane.

hurricane on radar

Install Hurricane-Resistance Doors And Windows:

Hurricane-proof doors and windows are considered some of the best defenses against severe winds, debris, and rain. These hurricane doors and windows prevent the loss of your valuables, but they will also help keep your family safe.

Hurricane doors and windows are usually made with layers of tempered glass, impact-resistant frames, and interlocking panes. This makes them stronger and more durable. They are also designed to withstand higher wind pressures, provide enhanced security, and be resistant to forced entry.

Fix Your Roof:

Your roof is an essential structural element of your home. It’s where most of the damage is inflicted during a hurricane. During a hurricane, there are a lot of high-speed winds that can blow off shingles, tiles, and other parts of the roof.

Make sure your roof is up for the challenge. Inspect it regularly and fix minor problems before they become major issues. Also, consider investing in hurricane-resistant products such as high-impact shingles, metal roofing systems, and reinforced concrete tiles. These products can help make your home more resilient against the force of a hurricane.

metal roof

Reinforce Your Walls:

Hurricane winds can cause walls to collapse, which can be detrimental to your home’s structural integrity. To prevent this from happening, install storm shutters or panels over your windows. Or use plywood boards to brace your walls. These are effective measures to reinforce your home’s walls against heavy winds.

Elevate Your Home:

Flooding is a risk in areas that are prone to hurricanes. The water levels can destroy the foundation of your property. One solution to this is to elevate your home above the flood-level zone. Structural engineers can elevate your home, requiring elevated pilings, a pier and beam foundation, or a slab on grade.

Flooding from hurricane

Install A Generator:

Hurricanes can easily knock out power to your home. Your family could be without electricity for days or even weeks. A generator can be expensive, but it can be a lifesaver during and after a hurricane. It can keep the lights on and protect your essential appliances from damage.

Preparation is the best defense against the forces of Mother Nature. These renovations can greatly improve your home’s ability to withstand a hurricane. 

There are many strategies to reinforce your home against these storms.

Things such as:

  • strengthening the roof
  • reinforcing the walls
  • elevating the foundation
  • installing hurricane-resistant doors and windows
  • having a generator. ​​

Be mindful of the weather and contact a professional for help with your home renovations. Remember, a small investment of time and money now can save you both down the road.

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