Winter Checklist: Household Items To Stay Warm And Safe

The cool breeze has started blowing; the days are getting shorter- Winter is knocking on the door. 

Preparing yourself and your home for this beautiful season of chilly and snowy months is time. It is demanding and essential at the same time. 

And for that, we have drafted a quick winter checklist for you with the objective of ensuring your home sweet home is safe & warm during the entire season 

Cabin in winter

Prep Your Home And Yourself For Upcoming Winters

Read on to know how you can keep yourself warm in the winters and, at the time, enjoy the seasons to the best. 

Form Control Drafts  

Blocking the drafts is also essential if you have good patio doors, windows, and so on. Even in zero weather, the doors freeze. Hence, the draft blockers are added to lessen the heat loss. 

Below are the essential spots for forming the drafts:

  • Electrical outlets: Though several have been drafted. It is advisable to disable all circuits, get the plug out and insulate nearby the box. Outlet covers and outlet insulations are simple fixers. 
  • Door Bottoms: Use the towel, and roll it up at the draft door or front door base. It lets the cold out and heats in. You can use old socks, rags, T-shirts, and so on for hefty draft blockers. Sturdy duty blockers are also the best options for properly locking the door.
  • Insulating film: Get the insulating film on the typical patio door to warm up the rooms. 

Stock the Wardrobe with Winter Clothes

When winter arrives, replacing your wardrobe with warm clothes is essential. Keep the inner wears (bottoms and tops) long, and wear the outdoor gear and winter boots. If there is more freezing, it can take a long time to warm up. 

Layer yourself with clothes like flannel sweatshirts and overshirts. Pick the liner wool socks and slippers to keep the feet warm and away from winter sickness.

Stack of sweaters

Check on Home Heating

  • Fill in the fuel in the propane tank. Ensure that your house has enough heating pellets or dry firewood. Of course, you will not move out of your home in the snowy weather when you are out of fuel. 
  • Clean up the chimney and wood stove; find out if there is any wear or tear. Also, change the furnace filter; we recommend getting your furnace checked annually.
  • Keep the emergency supplies intact. Ensure there is a first aid kit or fire extinguisher. You never know when anything wrong can happen. So, do not be news that people will watch the other day; stock up on the required emergencies. Furthermore, extra toilet paper and storing additional food items could also be added to the list. 
  • Always double-check on the heaters. With a wide variety of heaters available, choose the one that is safe for indoor use. Examine that there should be sufficient airflow, and there are no Signs of a water heater gas leak or excess wear. Maintain the combustible items away from the heating resources and avoid plugging the heaters into the power strips. Otherwise, they will get melted.

Inspect the outside area of your house

Keep an eye on the outside premises of your home. Check out if there are any gaps and openings. 

Also, implement the same indoors, and monitor the attic in the upcoming winters if it is still chilled. Inspect the rooftop; if there are ice dams or icicles, there could be excess heat loss. 

Snow covered house roof

Additional Information

  • Ensure you have warm and comfortable blankets. The electric heater is another popular choice to create a cozy ambiance within the room while it is freezing cold outside
  • Buy chemical hand warmers in pockets, gloves, or footwear. A piece of advice here is to remain careful while placing directly on the skin.
  • Choose the smart thermostat to cut down on your electricity bill. You can integrate it simply and manage it from the smartphone.

How are you keeping yourself warm and safe this winter? Are you using a winter checklist?

Now, you have a winter checklist in your hand to prepare yourself and your home for the snowy weather and cool breeze. Remain safe and enjoy the season to the fullest. 

Are there other preps you are considering? Let us know through the comment section below!

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