Window Boxes: Transform Your Home

You can transform your house into a piece of art with almost anything – decorative pieces, stunning components, themes or motifs, and so on. Some homeowners prefer to add structures to their settings, including additional windows, arches, patios, and so much more. When it comes to decorating, your home will stand out better if you set it up with flowers and plants. One way you can do that is by setting up window boxes. 

A window box amplifies your home’s exterior design by combining two factors: nature and architecture. It will be even better if you set one up without issues. In addition, you can see the synergy between the two in a single construct.

The best part is that if you have plans to set one up, it does not cost you that much at all. Any window box will make heads turn and will surely add value to your place. That is one great benefit if you have plans to sell or rent the property out.

Are you still thinking about what makes a humble window box great? Here are some:

  • A window box can transform even the most run-down exterior into something lively and artistic.
  • It also creates a sense of contrast, especially if you add flowering plants and other greens.
  • It will also allow your place to stand out more.
  • A window box also improves your view from the inside of your home.
  • A window box with flowers also attracts butterflies and bees, who perform a significant role in nature.
double windows on a house with double window boxes

There Is More Than One

Not many people think that there exist several kinds of window boxes. But you got that right, and new ones come to be thanks to design and research. Each type of window box is charming in its right.

  • Wooden

These come with, well, wood. They utilize almost any type of wood in existence, as long as a manufacturer can supply it. If you like, you can also paint and carve it out any way you choose.

  • Metallic

These variants come as hollow metal frames where you can place your plants and flowers. You can locate a manufacturer and ask for a customized design. It will cost you a bit more, of course.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass window boxes are some of the most unique variations you can find in the market. But you will also have quite a rough time when it comes to maintaining them.

  • Vinyl

These are not the most popular picks around. However, if you set out with the ideal design, it would be challenging to set them apart from their wooden counterparts.

  • Custom

This kind of window box is only limited to the imagination of the individual who requests it. You can find window box makers who will turn your ideas into reality. Prepare your wallets, too!

Window boxes with purple hydrangeas

Considering Customizing Window Boxes

If you ever feel like making a window box for yourself then why not give it a shot? The materials are easily accessible at any DIY outlet in malls and shops. This aspect is crucial. Especially if you are looking for something specific, like brackets for window boxes. Almost every shop will certainly have it. You also have the alternative option of looking for parts online. 

You can also enjoy some other benefits if you make yours from scratch.

  • Money savings

When you make a window box from scratch, then that means you will need materials. Either you purchase those materials from a store or use the ones at home. Regardless, you will save on cash. How? If you decide to buy them, you have control over funds – you can pick any material that suits your budget. In another case, you do not have to spend anything at all. However, that will depend on what materials you have ready at home.

  • A different experience

Some homeowners are not entirely skilled construction specialists and craftsmen. So a DIY window box might be a challenging yet fun experience to have. It will also put your skills and discipline to the test. If ever you feel like giving up, you better not. That is part of the DIY drama. You will see that your efforts will reward you with a neat-looking window box in the end.

  • Bonding with loved ones

You can also request help from family and friends to make your window box. The job will be a perfect way for you to bond with them. Nothing better than getting along with people you know and love as you craft something worthwhile.

A small window with a window box

Final Thoughts

A window box is one of the many ways to spice up your home’s exterior appeal. Setting them up will make the place look way better. It also increases the place’s overall value if you ever feel like putting it up for sale or rent.

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