Why Spray Foam Is A Must-Have Home Addition

Spray foam insulation is exceptionally popular in the USA. It is an effective method of insulation that will ensure less energy leaves your home, which in turn means that you will make some exceptional savings on your utility bills.

However, before delving deeper into the benefits associated with this type of insulation, it is first vital to explain what it actually is and how it functions. 

What is Spray Foam?

Spray foam is a mixture of polyurethane foam insulation and water. It is then sprayed onto walls or into tiny places that are difficult to reach. The water dries when it mixes with oxygen from the air. This in turn causes the foam to expand, harden and cure.

By understanding how foam insulation works, you get a glimpse into the reasons why it is so popular. After all, it has the ability to fill up crevices and reach areas that no other type of insulation can.

When spray foam dries it can increase in volume by five to ten times as much. This will ensure it fits the shape of the area you are insulating. 

Spray foam being applied to a floor

The Benefits

Another reason why many people view spray foam as the best insulator is that it is both airtight and watertight. These are again qualities that most other insulating materials do not boast.

One of the main reasons why expanding foam insulation from the likes of American Foam Experts is preferred over other methods is because it generates an airtight seal. Other common insulation materials, such as fiberglass and polystyrene, do not seal small holes. They merely cover them.

However, when sprayed, spray foam expands to completely fill up any hole, gap, or area. By doing this, it creates an airtight seal. Then no air can come in or out of your property via that area. 

This is beneficial for a number of reasons. Of course, it will make your home more energy-efficient, which in turn means cost savings for you. But, another benefit to think about is that it will protect the longevity of your property.

Without this method of insulation, your walls will rot much quicker. You will find yourself needing to pay for treatments and repairs. This is because when cold and hot air mixes condensation is created inside the walls. This causes the walls to rot.

However, this is something you no longer need to worry about if you go for expanding foam insulation. The spray foam stop the entry and exit of hot and cold air, but it will also prevent the following from entering your property – water, vermin, rodents, and insects.

You will struggle to find another insulating material that is as effective as this one. 

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