What You Should Know About Caring For A Senior Dog 

Older pets don’t get adopted much, with research indicating that only 25% find forever homes. While this can break your heart, many animals are often put down. But you can be a hero by adopting a senior dog and filling its remaining days with love and care.

However, you’d be mistaken if you treated it like a puppy. Not only will you feel frustrated that they aren’t responding, but the temptation to return them may spike. Therefore, be intentional and learn all you can about them. That being said, this is what you should know about adopting a senior dog. 

A happy senior dog

Don’t feed them what they can’t digest

Your older furry friend will add more weight than necessary if you don’t pay attention to its diet. This is because its digestive system slows down with age. Its reduced energy means less playtime and running around.

Now, you wouldn’t want to jeopardize your animal’s life with an unhealthy size. Therefore, don’t just feed them whatever you find in your pantry.

Instead, seeking a recommendation from the vet will be advisable. You may expect them to recommend foods with lower calorie and fat content. You can visit the pet shop with these recommendations and find what will make your dog happy and satisfied. 

Feed down near dogs head

Their age should not stop them from working out

Although they are slower than normal, they still need to exercise their bodies. Therefore, don’t prevent them from doing so.

The key is to engage them in age-appropriate activities to reap the full benefits. This way, they can fight obesity, boost their energy, and enjoy a healthy life.

Consider taking your dog for leash walks or gentler fetch games if your dog is outdoorsy. Allow them to swim as it puts less strain on their joints.

Plus, playing in the water is fun! Except you want them to freeze or develop heatstroke, avoid walking your furry companion in extreme weather.  

Exercising a dog

They will need to visit their favorite vets frequently

Sad as it sounds, age weakens the immune system, and your dog is no exception. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised when they easily develop ailments than younger pets.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. Your senior dog can live illness-free when they see their favorite vets often.

These experts can quickly detect and treat diseases from the onset, prolonging your companion’s life. Make a date with the veterinarian every six months to keep your pet in good health. 

Dog at vets

Give your dog some good grooming

 A senior dog will also need some good dog grooming sun prairie, and the reasons are more health-related. Their skin can dry out quicker than normal and become irritated.  Their skin can dry out quicker than normal and become irritated.

Moreover, their one-lustrous coat can become brittle and matte-looking. So, don’t let this happen to your dog; let them get their fur trimmed regularly to eliminate tangles. Mild shampoos are your pet’s friends, as they soothe their skin and keep irritation at bay. 

A senior dog can brighten your day and bring joy into your life. These tips will ensure you’re also improving their life. 

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