What To Upgrade After 15+ Years In The Same Home

When you’ve lived in the same house for an extended period of time – we’re talking over a decade –, it’s fair to say that you’ve already settled down. You have created an interior decor that reflects your personality. The walls are painted. There is no furniture left to buy. The rugs, carpets, and flooring solutions have been discussed and decided a long time ago. When you’ve been in the same house for 15 years or more, you are satisfied that you’ve influenced the interior in the best possible way you could. But that doesn’t mean there is no upgrade project. In fact, home improvement projects are of a functional nature then. Here are the top four elements you want to upgrade in order to maintain your home sweet home.




What To Upgrade After 15+ Years In The Same Home




Avoid leaks and air infiltration from the roof


A roof has a life expectancy of 20 to 30 years, depending on the material used and the kind of building. When you’ve been in your home for several years, it’s good to get a professional to audit your roof components before you begin to experience air and water leakage in winter. After all, an upgrade may be in order.

Your roof is composed of the underlayment which is placed directly over the plywood sheeting. The flashing, when it breaks, stops diverting water. Finally, the shingles and tile sit on top of the underlayment. If any of these elements develops a fault, you might experience leaking problems and even risks of collapsed roof.



Plumbing and heating systems


Old homes have old plumbing, electric and heating systems. It’s fair to say that, at some point during the life of the property, you will have to get a professional to update these essential systems. If the home was new when you bought it, getting your pipes, heating, and sockets checked is all you need to do! However, remember that your boiler needs to be changed regularly, every 15 to 25 years.




Give your garden a season’s break


When you have a garden, it is tempting to plant vegetables and fruit trees to grow your own food. However, if you’ve been using your garden for several years without a break, you need to let the soil rest for at least a season. That’s right, your garden needs an upgrade too.


Indeed, just as professional farmers use a rotation system to nourish the soil regularly, you need to stop growing plants for a few months to give your soil natural nutrients. You can also use the time to redefine new landscaping patterns and bring fresh produce in the future. Organic compost is your best ally during this period of rest.


Digital security at all times


It doesn’t matter whether you live in an isolated area or whether you’ve got neighbors around. It’s not safe anymore to leave your home without a security system. As the internet of things has developed, it’s made it simple to monitor your home from anywhere.


Not just from a security’s point of view, but also when it comes to temperature, lights and even vacuuming. Bringing smart technology into your home can ensure that you can keep your family safe and protected when you need it most. A smart home is an excellent upgrade to your home.





As an experienced homeowner, you have reached a point in your life at home when you’re finally happy with your interior style and structure. But don’t think home improvement works are over! Now is the best time to ensure your home is safe and equipped to last many years. Knowing what to upgrade after 15+ years of being in your home can help provide a secure and happy home.


Here are the top four elements you want to




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