What To Do After A Storm

What do you think about storms? Some people hate them and are scared and unnerved by the loud noises and the force of the weather. Others love them, enjoying the dramatic look and feel of watching the storm take place.

However, no matter what you personally think, if you’re a homeowner, you might be concerned about the potential damage a storm can bring with it. The damage that could be expensive to deal with. Therefore, it’s good to know what to do after a storm to reduce the damage as much as possible, or at least deal with it quickly. Read on to find out more. 

House in lightning

Check The Roof 

When a storm happens, your roof needs to be checked to ensure that it hasn’t been damaged. It’s possible that roof tiles might have been blown out of place, leaving holes behind. Or perhaps a tree branch might have fallen on the roof and broken it.

This is why you need to carefully examine your roof for any visible signs of damage. Look for things such as missing or damaged shingles. You also need to look for cracks or holes that could potentially lead to leaks. These could then cause mold and damp.

If you’re uncomfortable or unsure about climbing onto your roof, consider hiring a professional roofing contractor to do the work for you. If you notice any damage, you’ll need to get it fixed right away. 

It’s also a good idea to spend this time clearing out your gutters. Heavy rainfall during a storm can lead to clogs and blockages. These prevent water from properly draining away from your home, increasing the risk of water damage. 

Cleaning the gutters

Tidy Your Backyard 

One area that can look terrible after a big storm is your backyard. It could be left with all kinds of litter and debris strewn around it.

When the storm is over, it’s wise to spend some time tidying up so that it all looks good as new again. Then you can assess whether any major damage has happened. 

Take a moment to look around before you start so you can see if anything definitely needs to be dealt with. If a tree has fallen, for example, you’ll know you should contact a storm clean up tree service to help you. This isn’t something you can safely do by yourself.

The same is true if any electrical cables have been damaged. The experts are the best people to help you with this. 

When you’re tidying up, make sure you put safety first and wear protective gloves, sturdy shoes, and be cautious when handling sharp or heavy objects.

Cleaning up after storm damage

Speak To Insurers

If there’s any major damage to your home, it could be that you’ll be able to make an insurance claim to get it fixed. It’s good to check through your policy to see what you can do.

If you’re making a claim, you’ll need plenty of evidence. So take lots of photos and video evidence just in case the insurers ask for it. Especially if you’re planning on tidying up and then claiming the money back.

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