Wet Food Vs Dry Food – Which One Is Better For Cats?

When it comes to cats, finding the correct type of food may get tedious. There are several options available in the market that may leave you confused. Moreover, cat owners often wonder if they should opt for wet food vs dry food for their cats. Some cat owners will go online to do their research and check out posts that contain information like Nutra Thrive reviews to see if this type is the right fit, whilst others will ask people who have cats what they think is the best choice.

In this guide, I have discussed wet food vs dry food for cats in detail, their differences, and which one’s more suitable. So, read on. 

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Difference Between Wet Food vs Dry Food 

Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the significant differences between wet food and dry food. 


If you look at the nutrients present in wet food and dry food, you will find that the former is more liquid-based and contains fewer carbohydrates than dry food. Moreover, dry food may also have probiotics to improve your cat’s health. 

Note that the fat and protein content in dry and wet food depends on the diet. 

Moisture Content

The most significant difference between wet food and dry food is the moisture content. 

As the name suggests, wet food consists of 70% water, whereas dry food only has about 10% water and 90% other nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

The moisture content becomes a differentiating factor as you can decide which food you want for your cat. For instance, if you want hydrating or palatable foods, then wet food is suitable. Hydrating cat foods can also reduce UTIs in cats.

Alternatively, dry food is always the better option if you want nutrient-rich food. 

Production Process

The production process of wet and dry food differs significantly due to the variable moisture content. 

For instance, wet food consists of fresh meat and grains (for proteins). Then, it is combined with fats and vitamins and stored in cans. They’re also heated to destroy any pathogens and reduce contamination. 

On the other hand, dry food consists of meat and several nutrients combined and cooked at high pressure and temperature. This allows the food to become easily digestible. Some brands also spray fats on dry food to make it more palatable. 


If pricing and convenience are something you want to consider, then there are a few differences here. 

For example, dry food is readily available. Moreover, it’s inexpensive and easy to maintain as it doesn’t get spoiled or rotten quickly. 

Wet food is more expensive with a shorter shelf life. You’d need to store it in the refrigerator immediately to prevent it from becoming stale. 

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Which Is Better – Dry Food vs Wet Food

When it comes to picking wet or dry food, there are three things to keep in mind: 

Cat’s Age

Dry food is often difficult to chew and digest due to its high nutrient content. Hence, it may not be palatable enough for senior cats.

Similarly, it’s also hard for kittens to chew kibbles, which is why wet food is better for them. CatFoodPoint recommends these wet foods for Kittens, so if you’re confused, have a look at their blog post.

Alternatively, dry food might be better for growing cats or adult cats as they may require more nutrients. 

Cat’s Preferences

Some cats may prefer wet food over dry food or vice versa. You may have to try out both the foods and see which one your cat likes more. After all, cats tend to get picky with food. 

Cost Preferences 

Lastly, as you read above, wet food is typically more expensive with a shorter shelf life. So, if you’re looking for low-maintenance and affordable food for your cat, then you can opt for dry food. 

But, it’s advisable to put your cat’s needs before cost preferences as your cat needs to eat the right food to feel healthy and happy.

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Final Thoughts

The confusion between wet vs dry food might never end. However, many veterinarians recommend giving equal amounts of wet and dry food to your cat. This way, your furry friend feels hydrated and gets enough nutrients too.

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