Rethink Your Approach To Watering Your Lawn And Garden

Change the Way You Irrigate

If you are looking to live a greener life while growing your own food at home, you might want to rethink how you approach irrigation. While there are many ways to water your plants, some are much more labor intensive than others. Here are three effective ways for watering your lawn so you can get water to your plants and garden while eliminating unnecessary work and expense over time.

Install a Sprinkler System

In-ground sprinklers that you can set and forget are the easiest ways to handle your watering needs. Putting them in can be well worth the effort and initial cost. But by doing it yourself and using the proper hoses and fittings, you can save a lot of time and money.

Programmable systems can run off of your electricity grid or on solar power if you choose. Once installed, simply set the sprinklers to run on a scheduled day or days for a specific amount of time in each predetermined zone. With a little maintenance, this is almost a hands-off option for watering.

Sprinkler Systems

Gray Water

Gray water is something everyone has in their home. This category of water includes dishwashing or laundry water and shower or bath water. It is not advisable to use it in any garden or crop areas as it may contain bacteria from previous uses.

It can, however, supplement your overall watering needs when dispersed over a large area, such as a lawn. Unless you choose to install a gray water collection system within your home, it can take more effort than the other two options to move from one place to another. But it is a useful way to reuse something that would otherwise go down the drain.

Rain Barrels

Place large rain barrels throughout your property to catch water run-off from your roof or the sky itself. Make sure you use something with a spigot installed on the bottom to ensure your water is easy to use and flows freely when needed.

You can create your own DIY rain barrels or purchase them from a store. In addition, be mindful of mosquitoes accessing the barrels to reproduce. By placing a cover or mesh netting over the top, you can prohibit them from entering the rain barrels altogether.

Watch this helpful video for tips on how to make your own rain barrel.

With these easy-to-incorporate watering tips, you can create a productive garden you will be proud of. Take some time to decide how to irrigate your lawn and garden to make the process seamless and easier than ever.

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