3 Things You Need to Know When Handling Water Damage

One of the most impactful things that could happen to your home would be water damage. Water damage can come in many forms such as flooding, leaking appliances, a broken roof, broken pipes, sewer backups, and so much more.

There are an array of reasons why water damage could happen and sometimes it can be too late to look into water mitigation.

One of the things that can make matters so much worse would be the fact that mold can immediately appear. Yes, within as little as 24 hours mold can begin developing from the smallest amount of water.

Water damage can just make your home far more dangerous such as creating safety hazards for the electricity and the framing altogether.

Sometimes you may not even notice water damage and its effect until it’s too late. Since water damage can and will cause detrimental damage to your home, it’s always important to try to take action as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary, especially if you see a leak. 

These are some tips for handling water damage in your home.

Flooded kitchen

Call your Insurance Company

If you have homeowner’s insurance (and it’s strongly recommended that you do), you’ll want to immediately call your insurance. Your insurance may vary depending on the policy that you have for it.

Your insurance company just may send over an adjuster to take a look at your home and assess the damage, and determine if it is a covered loss. This is why you should choose the best flood coverage that is offered.

It’s so important to document the values of each item that you think of, take photographs before, during, and after the clean-up as well. This will also help the adjuster when assessing the damage.

If your home has been flooded, such as a natural disaster, then you’ll need to thoroughly look into it and see if that’s covered. Some insurance companies do not cover floods or other natural disasters.

Protect Yourself from Potential Hazards

Once you notice that there’s water damage, chances are your home could be a lot hazardous now. You’ll want to immediately turn off the power, as water and electricity simply do not mix.

Never enter a flood or water-damaged home unless you turn off the electricity first. It may also be advisable to wear safety gear as well when entering your home such as gloves. This is because there’s always the chance for mold or other bacteria.

Water damage on a wall

Seek Out Water Damage Repair

You should immediately document everything about your home once you notice there is water damage. It will make it easy for insurance claims you’re going to make. It also just makes it easier for the repair people as well.

Home maintenance is very important. Water damage restoration should begin around 24 to 48 hours after you have been cleared to re-enter your home.

It’s so important to get assistance from a restoration service such as this Water Damage Restoration Milwaukee company. Don’t think that this is something that you can do entirely yourself.

The water damage removal process has to be done correctly. And without the proper experience, you could risk causing more damage. 

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