Is Your Water Heater About to Fail? Here Are 4 Warning Signs To Look For

Most times, people often ignore the impact of a water heater until it fails. However, it’s important to note that they don’t die without warning.

If you are keen enough or know what to look for, you might prevent the breakdown. Like any other household equipment, water heaters need constant inspection and maintenance to ensure they work accordingly and serve you for a longer time.

Further preventing maintenance will help reduce the repair or replacement cost. You don’t have to be an expert to know when your heater needs repairs. This article will explore warning signs that your heater is about to die.

hot water heater in basement

Water Heater Aging

One of the common water heater problems is caused by aging. One will often last for at least 120 years before starting to break down and needing to be replaced.

It’s essential to schedule inspections to prevent the abrupt failure of the heater. If you are unsure how old your heater is, check the serial number printed by the manufacturer.

The label attached to the upper part has the last two digits representing the year of manufacturing. This way, you can estimate its age and replace it with a new one. Using an old water heater will only consume more energy which means more bills.

Water Leakage 

One of the most common and devastating water heater failures is leakages. It’s often hard to notice the water leakage on your water heater, especially if you are not keen.

Most people wonder when the water bills come, and it’s much higher than what they think they used. Check a look around and behind the unit. If you notice water leaking or pooling around the heater, it’s time to call water heater repair experts to help you perform the check-up and repair it if necessary.

Some of these problems can be solved by tightening up some connections, replacing a valve, and adjusting the pressure. If the temperature/ pressure relief valve is the cause of the leak, the expert will need to replace the valve immediately to prevent overheating.

Further, the leakage might indicate that the tank has been cracked or is corroded. If your tank is damaged, it’s time to replace it.

Water heater maintenance

It Delivers Cloudy or Rusty Water

One indicates that your water heater is about to die, seeing cloudy or rusty water. When you observe rusty pipes or an odor, it’s a sign that it is rusty inside. When the pipes are corroded with rust, there is a high chance that they will start leaking. Additionally, cloudy water is often caused by mineral deposits in the system and indicates that your water heater might fail soon.

Unusual Noises Coming from The Water Heater

It can be because some of the heater’s elements fail when you hear a popping or rumbling noise from your water heater. It also could mean sediments and mineral deposits clog your system. Hiring a professional to look at the system for you is crucial.

Man checking water heater pipes

Final Remarks!

Taking good care of your water heater and engaging a professional to do a check-up helps prolong its life, and you can avoid an expensive repair. Don’t ignore any of the signs above, as it can lead to an abrupt breakdown which will inconvenience you.

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