Wall Decor Ideas For A Smaller Bathroom

Are you ready for some wall decor ideas for a smaller bathroom?

The bathroom is often our go-to place for refuge after a stressful day at work. It is also where we start our evening or morning routines. However, this can be made a lot more troublesome when your bathroom space is non-existent, let alone decorating the room. Solving your small-space decorative dilemma can appear to be fruitless. 

Still, just because your bathroom skimps on space doesn’t mean that you must skimp on the decorations. This is why we’ve created this article detailing several wall décor ideas for a smaller bathroom. It doesn’t matter the spatial challenges your bathroom may present. 

Wall decor in smaller bathroom

Add A Pop Of Color 

No matter the size limitations of a room, there is always adequate room for a paintbrush and a can of paint. Plus, the most advantageous aspect of using paint is that it’s affordable if you do it yourself. Opt for an eggshell or semi-gloss variety. 

Even if you purchase high-quality interior paint, the costs far outweigh those of wallpaper or tiling. If you tire of the color, it’s easily changeable. Not to mention, if you decide that you don’t fancy doing all the hard work by yourself, you could consider hiring a painting contractor. 

Enlist the services of painting companies in Chattanooga or surrounding local areas, such as Croxall Painting Company. They should be able to help you with any exterior or interior painting project. Peruse their website for a complete list of their services or schedule an estimate. See how their services could help transform the décor in your tiny restroom. 

smaller bathroom professionally painted green

Be Selective With What You Display 

We’re sure that we don’t need to lecture you about storage space in a smaller bathroom or the lack thereof! As bathrooms are heavily trafficked, clutter can soon build up and leave the room looking messy or uncoordinated; therefore, it’s essential that you’re selective with what you display. Check out bathroom accessories sydney for some great options.

It’s easier said than done, but we recommend only displaying your most reached-for items or those with pretty packaging. There’s no need to hide these items and store less visually appealing essentials in the storage space you do have. You can do this by installing narrow shelves over the sink or the shower that come equipped with suction cups for smaller essentials and pretty shower gels, handwash, etc. 

minimal clutter in small bathroom

Utilize Vertical Space 

Although flat space may be limited in your small restroom, we’re sure that you’ll have plenty of vertical space to utilize for décor purposes. Vertical space is often overlooked when homeowners come to decorate their bathrooms. Still, the upwards area is brilliant for displaying art or installing floating shelves for potted plants, pictures, and other characteristic ornaments. 

You don’t need a big canvas to create impactful décor; instead, you could create a gallery wall with clusters of images in varying frame sizes. Or, create a mini-indoor garden with shelving and lots of leafy, flowing exotic plants that’ll give the space a natural vibe. 

Vertical Pic above toilet

Install A Big Mirror 

As well as being practical, installing a big mirror in your small restroom will give the space the illusion of being bigger. It will also help brighten the room. If your bathroom is too tiny for any ample amount of natural light, hanging mirrors will help translate an open, airy vibe to visitors. Thus making them forget about any spatial limitations. 

Final Thoughts

These wall decor ideas for a smaller bathroom should bring new life to your current bathroom. Now you can enjoy your retreat space once again.

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