How To Make A Must-Have List For Viewing Properties 

If you’re ready to start viewing properties, you’re going to need to spend a good amount of time viewing potential properties. After all, you wouldn’t buy something online without checking out the reviews first! And in the real estate world, you could be signing over your entire life savings – it’s imperative to know what you’re getting yourself into

But before you start viewing properties, you need to know the must-haves and absolutely-nots. What do you want from a house? What do you need to see to know you could be happy there? It’s best to sit down and think about this before you waste time; check out the points below to help you put together a list. 

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Think About the Location

The number one column you need to have down on your list is where you’re willing to live and where you’d love to live. If you want to stay local, this could be as simple as picking either side of town. If you want to go further afield, and even to another country, this will be a bit more tricky. 

After all, it’s hard to find good homes for sale when you’re not acquainted with the local market. It’s why it’s so important to do location research beforehand; what’s nearby in terms of schools and shops, what’s the crime rate like, etc. Brainstorm three or four locations that fit into the category above. Go in depth into each of them. 


Consider the Amount of Space

If this is going to be your dream forever home, you’re going to want to expand it at some point! This is especially true if you and your partner plan to start a family, or fill the house with pets. You’re going to need space. And more space than you’re currently willing to live with. 

So take the current square footage of the house or apartment you’re renting and think about how you fit into it. Are there any space issues currently? And if you did add more members to the family, what room sizes and storage solutions would you really need? 

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What Annoyances are You Willing to Tolerate?

Even though this is a must-have list, you can still note down what you’re willing to go without. A garden, for example, is a huge draw for the buying market. But if you’re not a gardener yourself, could you save a bit of money here to put elsewhere? It’s a question of tolerance to save money. 

After all, if you’re not paying for outdoor space, you can put a bit extra onto the deposit. That’ll secure the house much faster AND make the mortgage easier to pay off! Then think over other situations like this. Do you need a quiet neighborhood, or is a busy/noisy one fine? Do you need a school nearby, or would a commute be workable? A good deal is all in the details. 

If you want to find your dream house fast, make an essentials list!

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