Important Vegetable Growing Hacks For All

Gardening is important to a homestead and these important vegetable growing hacks could help you achieve the garden of your dreams.

These surreal Covid-19 days have made many people focus more on the exterior of their homes rather than their interiors. If you are keen to hone your self-sufficiency abilities, you might be eager to give vegetable growing a go. Many non-green fingered people are attempting to grow their own potatoes, carrots, and pak choi from seeds.

The joy of sowing your own seeds, nurturing them, and watching them grow into produce that you can use in your own kitchen is incredible. You could find yourself growing carrots in sixty days and cooking up a vat of carrot and coriander soup which you can freeze for lunches for weeks. If you are keen to take a foray into the vegetable growing world, take a look at these vegetable growing hacks to help you get started.

vegetable garden

Prepare Your Area

If you are blessed with a large back garden, the chances are that you can allocate a veggie growing patch with ease. Creating a mini smallholding could be easy by simply clearing an area of the soil of weeds, raising the beds, and creating a deeper area for root growth to develop.

You could create a frame to create a vegetable bed that can sit upon anything – gravel, grass, or soil. Ensure that you clear the area you choose of overgrowth. You can click here to see the best sorts of trimmer string to use on your strimmer to clear unwanted nettles and thistles with ease.

When you have your raised bed, you need to fill it with appropriate compost. A good multipurpose, peat-free variety is ideal. Go for a brand that selects natural elements added such as ground organic matter to make the compost richer in nutrients. Fill up your raised beds, and you’re ready to get planting.

new vegetable garden bed

Which Vegetables?

You might be eager to try something exotic or weird like marrows or scotch bonnet chili peppers. However, if you don’t know how to cook a marrow and you hate spicy food, there isn’t much point.

Go for the vegetables that you love to eat and that are easy to grow. Potatoes are ideal. Maris peers are fast-growing and can be sown at any time of the year. They handle frost well and produce abundantly.

Alternatively, you might fancy giving a spring cabbage a go. These can be planted directly into their final growing space with no need for propagation, making the care you need to give these plants relatively simple.

No Space?

If you don’t have any space in your rear garden or you only have a balcony, don’t assume that you cannot grow vegetables. You just need to think outside the box. Try the following vegetable growing hacks.

Many crops such as pak choi, smaller varieties of carrots, and tomatoes grow well in pots. They may need the odd cane to hold them up and you might need to position them throughout the day so they get the sun, but you could enjoy a wide variety of produce. Herbs are also a great space-saving way of being more self-sufficient.

Try these simple tips and hacks for growing your vegetables this year.

Final Thoughts on Vegetable Growing Hacks

Follow these vegetable growing hacks and enjoy giving vegetables growing a go. Experiment with your crops and enjoy experimenting with different combinations of vegetables.

Do you have some vegetable growing hacks that you can share with my readers? Please add them to the comment box below! And make sure to check out my Vegetable Hacks and Recipes E-book too!

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