3 Reasons Why Vegetable Gardens Are A Waste

As more and more homeowners are coming back to the pleasures of gardening, many try to plant vegetable gardens. If you have planted a handful of tomatoes and salads before the summer – and somehow forgotten about them – you might still spot the odd overgrown lettuce at the back of the yard. It’s turning brown. You can tell that it’s not edible anymore. Besides, it seems to have become the home of a colony of slugs and snails. 


Vegetable gardens require regular care and attention. Otherwise, they are not only a waste of your money but also a waste of time. You shrug it off and tell yourself you’ll be more careful next year. But, more importantly, looking after your vegetable garden requires dedicated know-how, motivation, and tools.


Countless families fall for the dream of growing their own food without being prepared for the job. As a result, they exhaust themselves and their resources to maintain their crops. If you’re going to turn your yard into food supplies, you need to make sure you can maximize your efforts. 


A harvest of vegetables

3 Reasons Why Vegetable Gardens Are A Waste



The Wrong Equipment for Vegetable Gardens


If you live in a suburban area, your garden may be small enough to manage with a few manual tools and a hose. However, if you decide to turn your countryside yard into a large scale vegetable garden, you need to invest in proper tools that can do the job.


Ultimately, you can’t hope to manage your crops with a fork, a spade, and a pruning knife. You can find professional machinery at farm equipment auctions, which can save you a lot of time and effort in the long term. While buying professional tools might seem like a considerable investment, it’s the only way to manage large areas and fields effectively. 



You don’t take it seriously 


You have to be dedicated to your garden. Growing crops requires regular maintenance and care. If you’re not ready to invest time and effort in your garden, you’re likely to wake up one morning to find your yard overgrown and your vegetables all eaten by slugs and insects.


Of course, you can tidy up the yard and start again at the next seeding season. However, you have to be prepared to make it work; otherwise, you’re only wasting your time and money. You can add it to the list of household chores, for instance. 



You don’t know how to store your vegetables


Finally, there’s a big difference between planting a handful of seeds in your yard, or have a field filled with crops! When you grow large quantities of food, you need to be able to store your vegetables properly to preserve them for as long as possible. Otherwise, your harvest is like to rot before you get to eat it!


Building a root cellar can save you many troubles. A root cellar is, in essence, a hole dug in your garden, which is lined with heavy-duty plastic to keep your harvest dry and cool. But you can also use your basement or garage for most seasonal crops. 



From making time for your garden – ideally, you should schedule gardening tasks for your household — to understanding how to store large quantities of vegetables and fruits, growing your own food can be hard work! But, if you’re willing to invest your time and money in building the perfect vegetable garden, you can end up feeding your family without even needing to shop for groceries! 






  1. i wish i can have my own garden. reading this articles can be some motivation for me to start grow my own vegetables and fruits. i think it will be healthier and also cheaper if i can grow my own food supplies.

  2. Phew, I thought this was going to be a more serious article and say something like vegetable gardens are a waste because you can just buy vegetables at the store, lol

    1. Author

      Lol, I have heard that similar comment earlier! Nope, this woman is all about growing your own! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I did grow some veg, carrots, and cabbage many years ago but the bugs got to the cabbage and well… the carrots didn’t turn out very well. You have inspired me to try again. Thank You.

    1. Author

      I am sorry about the cabbage! I have that problem a lot. Try some soapy water on them next time. Place it in a spray bottle and spray them down. I am happy you are inspired to try again! Happy planting and thanks for commenting!

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