Useful Tips For Staying Safe Using Window Security Screens And Doors

For home owners looking for the right DIY window security screens, here are some of the tips you can use for shopping to get the right one.

After constructing your house, the security measures in place must be up to standard. Especially if you are to secure it against burglars. Rather than settling for the obvious door and window designs, why not go for the reinforced designs to keep your house more secure?

Home security comes down to more than just locking the doors when away. Part of the security upgrades that one can go for include DIY window security screens and doors which are availed in different varieties as you will find out in the market.

Man installing security screens

The security mesh option 

Most security window and door screens on the market are made from marine grade stainless steel instead of fly wire. Fly wire was the initial material used for such tasks.

The mesh options you can choose in the industry include stainless steel and aluminum. Both allow for proper air flow in the house without jeopardizing the quality of your security or privacy when in your house. You should do research on both options and check user reviews to determine the right one for you before shopping.

Door frame 

Some people tend to ignore the detail. But door frames are also part of the scrutiny process when one is determining which screen to go for as part of their security upgrade. Most door frames in the market are aluminum made and that can have a number of merits over other options.

They for instance have properties like corrosion resistance and ability to do well in different types of climates. In order to boost its strength, you should have it fitted to the main door frame. This is a necessary step in ensuring the integrity of the frame. Its ability to hold up nicely against burglar attacks.

Security screening on a screen door

Warranty offers 

How do you know that the company believes in the quality of products they sell? Top brands in the market in order to win the trust of their clients offer warranty for the different security products on their sites.

Window and door security screens can be costly investments. This only makes it right for them to be warranted should they not be able to stand the test of time. Warranties are besides instrumental to help you bounce back without spending anything. Especially should any damage happen to the security screen within the warranty period.


What is the use of having these security upgrades when you have not invested in a quality lock? To keep the door secure, consider choosing an option that comes with a quality of lock you can count on.

Experts in the market advice home owners to choose double or triple lock options when door shopping. This is vital in reinforcing the strength and reliability of the door when locked. The best part is that all triple locks can be activated with just one flick rather than each of them existing independent of the other.  A quality lock will give any burglar a hard time to break in. And could even raise alarm for security to come. 

triple locks on door

Security testing 

Have the security window screens been tested before? There are standards for instance in Australia that all security window screens need to meet before being considered to be of the right market standard.

Besides Australian standard AS5039-2008 and AS5041-2003, your window screen needs to have undergone pull test, the jemmy test, knife shear test and lastly the fire test. These are just but necessary tests that your screen window needs to meet. Especially if you are serious about beefing up your security plans today.

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