Using CBD Oil for Your Dog: Five Surprising Benefits

For some time now, everyone has observed the rise of CBD, and products from people like these CBD manufacturers private label options as a potential solution to many human conditions like anxiety, pain, epilepsy, diabetes, etc.

And these claims are not just thin smoke. Instead, scientific research by renowned universities and science centers back them. A good thing to keep in mind when using CBD oil is that its shelf life is normally between 14 months and 2 years based on determining factors.

As pet parents, it is the need of the hour to see using CBD oil for your dog as a novel solution for a host of problems that they face in their lifetime of service, loyalty, and companionship.

Using CBD for Your Dog

As for legal issues, CBD oil, Canada, as well as the United States, have already legalized it, so it’s totally safe to treat pets using CBD oil. Here are the top 5 surprising benefits of using CBD oil for your dog

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CBD Oil for Dogs Anxiety

Most of us don’t know of it, but dogs can have anxiety too and may suffer through anxiety attacks from time to time. And these are quite rough for the pet, as well as the owners.

By experience, most dogs feel anxious while driving in a car or when left alone at home. The root cause for a dog’s anxiety is yet to be backed by scientific evidence, but we know the solution – CBD oil Canada. And that’s what matters. CBD oil for your dog can help with anxiety by moderating blood pressure, and by calming their mind and body.

Another feather to CBD’s cap is that it does not sedate our furry little friends, or cause hallucinating or high effects. But this is guaranteed with THC, another cannabinoid sourced from the Hemp plants. That’s why we should always opt for CBD oils that are isolates or full-spectrum with less than 0.3% THC contents.

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CBD for Arthritis.

Dogs of all ages can have joint pain, severe or mild, depending on their age and underlying health issues. Mostly, older dogs suffer from arthritis and unspeakable pain. And we can’t do anything apart from giving them Over-The-Counter NSAIDs like Ibuprofen and Diclofenac. But this thought never, for once, crossed our mind that overdose of NSAIDs is as harmful to dogs, as it is for humans.

Prolonged exposure to these drugs can result in kidney damage or could give rise to cardiovascular issues. That’s where CBD oil for your dog proves its worth. CBD oil may treat inflammation, relaxing the pet’s excruciating joint pain or arthritis pain without any side effects. Make sure to procure oil from reputed sources like CBDfx makes CBD oil that tastes good.

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Relieving Nausea in Dogs

Apart from anxiety, motion sickness has another symptom for our dogs – nausea and vomiting. Many dogs feel nauseated while traveling, and this results in a day not spent too well. Often, the dog may not even eat properly due to the motion sickness it is experiencing.

If we keep our pets regularly exposed to microdoses of CBD oil, this may change over time. The dogs might not feel nauseated during travel, ever again. Why so? Because CBD oil for your dog is a strong antiemetic. In simple words, CBD oil for your dog helps extensively in relieving nausea and suppressing the urge to vomit. It also pushes the appetite a bit, treating the pets of their undereating.

CBD as an Effective Anticonvulsant.

Some dogs, just like humans, have seizures or suffer from epilepsy. And guess what? CBD can help them with this too. Recently, the Federal Government waived off a green flag to CBD as an anticonvulsant, something able to treat seizures and epilepsy. That brings relief for many pet parents whose dogs are suffering from seizures.

Now you can introduce CBD to your pets and treat this problem for good. Apart from seizures, using CBD oil for your dog is also potentially able to treat tremors and muscle spasms.

sick dog

Heart Health and CBD

Some not so lucky dogs are also prone to unstable cardiovascular conditions, which increases their mortality rate – making their long and healthy life a bit uncertain. As per a study by the University of Nottingham, CBD can aid many cardiovascular conditions like relaxing the arteries and treating cardiac dysfunction.

So we can turn towards CBD oil for your dog to help with their cardiac conditions, and give them a happy and healthy life. Now that we have assessed the benefits of using CBD oil for your dog, another question arises: how can we introduce CBD to your dog? Let’s see how.

CBD with the delicious treats

Giving CBD oil directly to the dogs from a dropper could be one way, but every dog may not like the herbal and raw flavor of CBD oil. That’s why adding CBD oil drops to their meals is a potent way to alleviate their health with this wonderful product. 

dog treats

Let Them Lick Their Paws

Almost all our dogs lick their paws, the reason for which is still unclear. Rubbing CBD oil on to their paws is another brilliant idea to skyrocket their physical and mental health. The only downside of this method is that too much CBD oil is wasted than any other form. So, it’s not the best economical method, but it provides adequate doses of CBD to our furry friends.

Final Thoughts on Using CBD Oil for Your Dog

Consulting CBD oil with veterinary doctors is a good idea, but we should know that legal issues don’t allow them to prescribe CBD oil to dogs formally. The most they can do is help in laying a roadmap for microdoses that prove to be beneficial for the pet dogs.

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  1. As pet parents, it is the need of the hour to see using CBD oil for your dog as a novel solution for a host of problems that they face in their lifetime of service, loyalty, and companionship.

    Hey, this is Awesome, thanks for sharing good information about the product

    1. Author

      Glad you enjoyed it! I swear by my CBD for almost all of the animals on my own farm!

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