Using a Leaf Blower: 10 Essential Tips To Do So Successfully

Always wanted an electric leaf blower? Already got one? Then this guide’s for you! Follow these fantastic safety tips to stay safe while working in the yard. For a great resource to help you review some great suppliers, please check out

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How To Use An Electric Leaf Blower Safely


Always read the instructions for any garden tool, especially if they’re electric or use chemicals. Follow the guidelines given for your specific model of the machine and contact the manufacturer with any concerns, or if something doesn’t seem right. Always set your tool up as detailed in the instructions, and be sure to register any serial numbers or guarantees.

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Check over:

When you unpack your new tool, check over all the parts and functions. Before you turn it on, check there is no exposed wiring, and make sure you can fit it together well. Memorize what all the buttons do and run through your storage routine a few times. If you’re missing a part, or something doesn’t look like the diagrams in the instruction booklet, return the tool.


Keep in mind all the safety guidance about using electric tools. Pay special attention to the safety advice provided by the manufacturer of your leaf blower. Keep an eye out for any exposed wiring, and make sure you are using outdoor-registered cords. Don’t use your leaf blower to suck up a lot of wet leaves, or water. 


Keep all your electric cables clean and tidy. When you’re using them, be careful you don’t end up with knots or tangles, and be particularly mindful you haven’t got them tangled around your legs at any time. Also, ensure that your cords don’t catch around objects or trees, and check them regularly for signs of wear and tear. If a wire needs replacing, do so immediately. Don’t use a cord you know you need to replace.

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Long hair:

Always tie long hair back while using a leaf blower. Tuck the loose end back into the tie, so you don’t have a ponytail hanging down. You could plait it as well, for extra security, or use a hair net. Make sure you have strong hair ties that aren’t going to let you down in the middle of your leaf blowing.


As with long hair, you need to tie down any loose clothing, or better still wear tight clothing. Don’t wear jewelry while using electric blowers for the yard. Always wear comfortable, sturdy footwear.

Wear appropriate clothing when using a leaf blower

Pets and Small Children:

Keep pets indoors while using your leaf blower. Even if they’re secured outside, they could still distract you or get loose. Have someone else watch the children and keep them away from you while you work. Electric leaf blowers are not toys. Also, be mindful of where your cables are; if they’re out of your sight, get someone else to keep an eye on them.

Slips, trips, and falls:

Before starting work, clear the area of anything you could trip over or slip-on. Avoid working on uneven ground and never use your leaf blower from a ladder, or while on a roof. Be aware of your surroundings while working, and be careful where you move. If you’re moving from one patch to another, turn the leaf blower off in-between. 

Safe storage of your leaf blower:

When you’re not using your electric leaf blower, be sure to store it as outlined in the instructions booklet. Don’t forget to store any related cables or parts correctly. Untangle and coil up cables properly and keep them out of reach of children and animals. Never leave your leaf blower outside; bring it indoors or store it in an outbuilding.


Every time you use your leaf blower, check everything over quickly before you switch it on. If anything needs replacing, cleaning or mending, do that before using it. When you’ve finished using it, check it over again, in case of damage that has occurred while using it. If it hasn’t been used for a while, it’s even more important to run thorough checks. Anything could have stopped working during that storage time.

Stray objects:

Whether they’re things you could trip over, or whether they’re things the leaf blower could suck up, be sure to move items well out of your way. You don’t want to suck up something that will damage it and subsequently injure you or someone else. Stray objects can also cause injury or damage if blown out of the way unexpectedly. Always check, no sharp stones or sticks are lurking in your leaf piles.

Final thoughts on using a leaf blower…

With these safety tips, you’ll be tidying up your yard in total safety. Now bust out that electric leaf blower!

 Use these tips for added instruction and safety when operating an electric leaf blower.

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