Moving Abroad: Useful Tips For A Less Stressful Move

Moving is stressful enough. You probably don’t need us to tell you that. But moving abroad is another matter in itself. It’s a great idea in theory, of course. You may have visited a place on vacation and decided it would be a perfect place for you to settle down, for you and your family.

You may be sick of the temperamental weather conditions in your own country. So moving somewhere with a better climate may be just what you need. Moving to a new country may also be what the doctor ordered, literally!

Whatever your reason for moving, you are going to go through that dreaded S word we mentioned – stress! Still, we do have some advice for you before moving day arrives. Read on to find out how to have a less stressful move.

less stressful move

Useful Tips For A Less Stressful Move

Do your research

It’s no good moving to another country because the pictures in the brochures look nice! You do need to do a little more research than that. This includes visiting the country to make sure it lives up to your expectations.

Then, answer the following questions: Can I afford to live here? Will I fit into the culture? How will my family cope? Are there dangers? That last question may be a deal breaker!

And, of course, if you are buying a property abroad, you do need to have a good look at it first. It’s not good to solely rely on pictures on the real estate agent’s website. Speaking of estate agents, remember to make sure you go with an experienced real estate agency in Marbella (or wherever you are looking to move to) to make the search for a property as simple and as stress-free as possible.

You need to give the property a thorough inspection, whether you’re looking at HDB flats, luxury villas, or quaint log cabins. Comfort in where you are going makes for a less stressful move.

You should consider your budget, too. While the property may appear cheap, remember the exchange rates to ensure you don’t pay more than you expected!

Then there are the legalities to think about. If you are moving to a country where a Visa is required, find out the requirements before buying a property, as you don’t want to be turned away at the airport on arrival.

Lastly, ensure to hire a dependable and trustworthy moving company to ensure the least stressful move. Try for example.

Less stressful move

Save your money

Don’t blow all your money on the property and the flight overseas. You will still need some money to get by, especially if you haven’t yet secured a job. The cost of living may be different than where you currently are, too.

Do your research before you leave. You need to consider taxes, insurance costs, and perhaps even the price of milk!

After the stress of moving, you will need enough money to give you that well-earned cup of tea on arrival! Joking aside, there will be the expected and unexpected costs in moving to a new country.

Begin a savings account, and remember to find a bank to transfer your money into at your new destination.

Having money in your account when you get to your new destination will be another way of having a less stressful move. We all know the stress having no money brings right?

less stressful move

Prepare a moving checklist

This is common for any move, as your checklist has to include a number of fundamental aspects. From booking a removal service to packing your toothbrush, there are loads of things you need to add to a moving checklist.

Knowing what needs done and when also makes for a less stressful move.

Still, when moving abroad, there are other items you need to add to the list. This includes the aforementioned Visa check, as well as hiring an international moving service, booking your flight of departure, arranging travel to your new property from the airport, organizing travel insurance, and reordering your passport.

You will also need to cancel any contracts that pertain to where you currently live, get your house affairs in order, and tell people you are moving.

Oh, and don’t forget your pets. Unless you are leaving them with friends or family, you will also need to sort out travel arrangements with the airline.

less stressful move

Learn the lingo

One of the toughest parts about moving abroad is learning the language. Unless you are moving to an English-speaking country, you will need to learn a few simple words or phrases before moving. Thankfully, there are plenty of free language learning apps available, that can be easily downloaded onto your tablet or smartphone.

You might also take a language class at your local college or community college. You can simply purchase a book or CD that will cover the basics.

Of course, if you are moving abroad with your family, you should make learning the new language an activity you can all enjoy. After learning the lingo, you will all be able to communicate with your new neighbors, from a simple “hello,” to “please can I borrow some milk”.

It will make a less stressful move when communication is clear and understood by all of your family members in your new destination.

less stressful move

Remember your family

You have less to worry about when traveling alone, as you are only thinking of your needs. However, if you have a partner and kids in tow, you need to consider the effects the moving process will have on them.

For starters, are they happy with the move? Particularly where kids are involved, moving can be incredibly stressful. You may have come to terms with the move, but they will have a new school to contend with, as well as the prospect of trying to make new friendships while saying goodbye to their old friends.

Make life easier for everybody by choosing (when possible) to move when there will be less disruption of family life. Then involve them in some of the decisions, such as choosing accommodations.

Moving will take its toll on all of you, but by getting everybody involved in the decision, you will have the physical and emotional support to rely on when you finally make the move. All of this support will especially help your children to have a less stressful move.

less stressful move

We have already mentioned possible Visa requirements. But there may be other legal issues you need to consider when moving abroad, such as those mentioned in this legal checklist.

If you are in any way unsure about legality, you should seek professional legal advice in your own country, and perhaps a professional in the place you are heading to.

This will help you deal with any loopholes that you may fall into. Getting on with this before leaving is essential for a less stressful move. You may run into an untold number of difficulties when you finally arrive in your new home.

less stressful move

Compare prices

Comparing prices is part and parcel of moving. From hiring removal services to changing your utility companies, it is always worth keeping costs down with a quick price-check. When moving abroad, this is especially true.

As you will be dealing with a new currency, you will either be better or worse off, depending on where you are moving to. So, if it’s towards the latter, you will be keen to cut costs where possible. Use a price comparison service for your new country.

Get yourself on the best deal. You should also think about flight costs. Compare prices with a range of airlines. Look at further ways to save money, such as traveling at a certain time of year or booking in advance to secure a discount.

The cost of moving is expensive. This is yet another way you can salvage your dwindling bank account and make a less stressful move. Don’t forget to check out some travel insurance for unexpected emergencies also.

less stressful move

And finally… remember why you are moving

There will be times when the stress of moving will get you down, whether you have adhered to the advice in this article, or not. During these times, remember the reasons for the move.

Provided they are good ones – change of career, a new life elsewhere, cheaper expenses – you will be able to counter any negative emotions with positive thoughts. This can be an exciting time, too.

So despite the stress, look ahead and contemplate the new life you have ahead of you. Take the steps to make this a less stressful move for everyone. Keep everyone’s best interests in mind too.

Thanks for reading and bon voyage!

Moving to another country is a huge stress. Find out how to have a less stressful move by using these tips.

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