5 Ways To Use Metal In Your Outdoor Living Space

Creating your home outdoors requires the same effort and energy as when you’re finalizing your interiors. After all, having a fantastic curb appeal will boost your home value. It also attracts family members, friends, and guests to spend more time outdoors. Especially in warmer months. Incorporating metal in your outdoor living space is a unique and brilliant idea to emphasize your home’s modernity.

A metal home build can be made possible by incorporating metal accents and materials with contrasting subjects like wood, concrete, and further landscaping details. Get ready to recreate your outdoors’s architectural details, whether you’re thinking of some DIY metal art decorations or some major metal roofing for your patio.

If you’re wondering how to elevate your outdoors by incorporating metal designs and components, here are some ways to get you started:

Metal flowers in a garden

1. Use Steel For Garden Beds 

You can start adding metal to your outdoor space by starting in your garden. Raised garden beds made of galvanized metal are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike wood, they won’t rot out, are durable and sturdy, and endure for decades. Besides looking great, they’re also highly versatile.

They look great with any of your garden designs and theme. You can paint them out quickly to match colors and palette.

Steel planters are very easy to create. You may even leave out painting them if you want to achieve a more natural and rustic vibe for your garden plants. To make them more sustainable, you can go for recycled or upcycled metal pots that’ll look great for your plants and flowers.

When looking for suitable metal planters, consider their depth as raised beds tend to require more soil and fillings.

2. Add A Corten Steel Fence 

Steel is a material that has a variety of aesthetic and practical applications. One idea to use this material flexibly is to turn them into your property fence. You can create steel fences in large panel sizes.

Go for corten steel if you want to play out on their exterior design, making your property look more modern. This specific metal fence design is quite artistic and may not be expected in your neighborhood, so you’ll warrant some compliments from passersby for sure.

3. Go For Corrugated Metal Roof For Your Patio 

Creating the perfect patio is any homeowner’s dream. And a corrugated metal-roofed patio cover is one of the most affordable and most accessible ways to make a shady area. Despite their low cost, they function well in keeping water and extreme sunlight into your patio.

They’re known for their lightweight and accessible installation features, so they’re an excellent choice for any homeowner seeking to have a functional patio. This is a great way to use metal in your outdoor living space.

Water is naturally channeled downward by the corrugations along the roof’s slope, so they won’t flood nor ruin your ground’s soil and foundation. Despite being lightweight, they’re also capable of sustaining solid winds, so you won’t have to worry about removing them efficiently.

Therefore, when you’re ready to renovate your patio, it’s best to consider using these corrugated metal roofs. And if you are still not convinced why metal roofing is essential in strengthening your home, read this source. 

Corrugated roof on a patio

4. Create A Steel Water Feature 

To make your yard or garden look more refreshing and Zen-like, try adding a steel water feature. A lush garden can be both refreshing and calming. And even more so when you have a water fountain added into it.

There are some DIY decorative water garden fountains made of steel in which you can source out online guidelines and instructions on how to create them. 

However, if you’d buy water features that are ready to be installed, there are many options from home improvement stores. Surprisingly, you can turn some metal flower pots, galvanized tubs, or metal recycled pieces into an artistic flowing water feature for your garden.

You can transform your fountain into a significant outdoor focal point using a few galvanized materials and some greenery.

5. Design Your Own Metal Garden Decorations

Garden decorations come in many forms. While it’s common to incorporate a lot of colorful flowers and lush greeneries into your garden, now’s the time to use other decorations too.

There are many significant art ideas in which you can use metal materials. Aside from being inexpensive, they’re also unique and instantly recreate your garden style to a modern and updated one.

Here are some decorative elements you can add: 

Metal Flowers

Metal materials that have been recycled can be recreated into floral designs. Whether you have broken cutleries made of steel or galvanized construction material leftovers, you can create and form them into flower arrangements that look sophisticated and out of the box. You can even paint them to uplift their overall look.

Metal Outdoor Sculptures 

You can add metal sculptures to your outdoor space using different rustic metal items. This is the best time for you to take out your creative juices and apply them in context.

With any artistic concept, you can create a metal sculpture that uses recycled metal leftovers. You’ll be surprised how this art project can turn out!

Using a trellis in a garden incorporates metal in an outdoor space


There are many ways to use metal in your outdoor living space. From roofs, decorations to fences, and garden beds, they’ll add more glamor and functions to your exteriors.

With the ideas mentioned above, you can succeed in your exterior home project improvement.

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