4 Useful Tips To Start Your Own Urban Homestead

Although living in the city, listening to its energy, and joining its quick-paced lifestyle has its perks, there is something quite pleasing about urban homesteading.

This is evident in the statistical information acquired in 2020, showing the steady growth in homesteading popularity as many Americans choose simple living and self-sufficient lifestyles.

So, would you like to make a move from urban city living to urban homesteading instead? Here are four valuable tips to help you get started. 

Urban Homesteading

The idea of changing your busy modern lifestyle to a simpler one can be challenging. However, with these four tips, your journey to urban homesteading would be smooth and enjoyable.

Be Minimalistic 

The simple living style of homesteading comes along with the task of being a minimalist. This may be a little difficult when you switch from city living to an urban homestead, but it is not impossible.

An effective way of switching to minimalist living is by reducing the amount of clutter you have. The truth is, there are several items you don’t need or could live without.

Consider taking time to filter through your things to find items you rarely use, are no longer functional, or do not need. This way, you reduce your items significantly. 

Take a Page from the Old Ways

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should cut off your power supply or use outdated tools. The idea of urban homesteading is historic. Therefore, there are various elements you can learn or understand better by looking at how homestead-living was done back then.

For example, families homesteading back in the day made their meals, preserved their harvests, or the activities they did leisurely. You can incorporate more modern tools and practices, such as connecting to the internet or employing various modern harvesting and storage solutions.  

A family cooking together

Learn New Skills

It is easy to assume that DIY is only for making things. However, it is likewise handy for fixing and learning new skills to become more self-reliant.

When urban homesteading, you can’t afford to pick the phone and call for assistance when you break something around the house. You can learn how to take simple haircuts and sew your clothing to save you some cash and extend the life of your clothes.

In the future, you can consider other new skills you need. While this can save you some extra costs, many homesteaders utilize their newly acquired skills to earn additional income.

Build an Urban Homestead Community

While urban homesteading is about being more independent, it doesn’t mean you have to be all by yourself. Most homesteaders are big on receiving help from their neighbors and other homesteads.

You can join homesteading communities that help new homesteaders develop and share skills. You should interact with the people too and attend various communal activities.

If you have additional space on your farm, you can create luxurious and comfortable 2 bedroom apartments to house guests and help them explore and enjoy urban homesteading.

Guest house

Final Thoughts on Urban Homesteading

It is time to replace the mornings of alarm clocks, and the 7 am traffic rush with the soothing warmth of the morning sun and the crowing of the rooster! The idea of changing your busy modern lifestyle to a simpler one can be challenging. However, with these four tips, your journey to urban homesteading would be smooth and enjoyable. 

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