5 Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Back Patio

Outdoor living space is a big deal, and many homebuyers look for it when deciding to purchase a property. Times have changed, and backyard space is a welcome extra and not just for storing your umbrella table and chairs. Today, having a back patio is a wise investment that adds value to your home, and there are several affordable ways to update the look and create an even lovelier and more functional outdoor living space. Check out our ideas for upgrading your back patio.

Pea Gravel Patio

Take a neglected corner of your backyard, and build a handsome, pea gravel patio. Why spend days laying down pavers and the like. You can have a local supplier deliver one cubic yard of the gravel to cover a 100 square foot patio at more than 3 inches deep. Best of all, the price is right at less than $100.

A pea gravel patio is very elegant with a beachy, laidback vibe and gives your feet a comfortable “floor” to walk on. It is also easy to clean with an ordinary leafblower.

Pea gravel can be used as the floor of the back patio.

We recommend adding a simple paver border to keep the pea gravel contained inside the patio.

2. Portable Fire Pit

To make your back patio an enviable spot to hang out in, you need a fire pit, but for a lot of folks, they don’t have much room.

That is not a problem because you can get creative and set up portable, gas-powered fire pits. This type of smaller unit has a modern appeal and is one that you often see gracing outdoor living spaces at restaurants and hotels. Use fire-safe lava rocks to line the pit, and enjoy a cool night roasting marshmallows or sipping wine by the dancing flames.

A back patio can have a permanent fire pit or a moveable one.

These units can provide a nice amount of heat and enhance a cozy space.

3. A Pretty Pergola

Another hot trend is the pergola or patio cover for your favorite backyard corner. With their gorgeous roof beam and vertical beam design structures, pergolas define your backyard for dining, entertainment, etc.

These attractive and functional patio covers come in all shapes, materials, and sizes and you can also find vinyl pergola kits making it easy to do it yourself. They can provide privacy, protection, and shade from the elements and can be built to suit your budget, taste, and style of home.


A pergola adds instant value to your property and is a statement piece with a practical purpose.

4. Chic Patio Lighting

Lighting always brings any interior space to life, and it works the same way outdoors. It’s not enough to create a gorgeous back patio and then have it invisible when evening rolls around.

One simple way to enhance the mood of your favorite outdoor corner is with a few strands of contemporary outdoor lights. For instance, these are often called Edison bulbs, and they will add a lovely, dreamy, vintage glow to your patio. Talk about perfect ambiance, the right lighting makes all the difference.

Edison bulbs on strings make good patio lighting

One way is to purchase solar-powered string lights that come with a six-foot cord and 10 LED lights with 12-inch spacing. You can connect up to 3 or more sets of string lights.

5. Outdoor Fab Accessories

It’s all fine and dandy to create an awesome back patio, but you do need some seating or furniture to tie the look altogether. A lot of people love wicker or faux wicker because it delivers a classic, elegant look to their outdoor space.

If you do not have enough room for wicker couches, coffee tables or chaise lounges and the like, consider adding an attractive bistro patio set. It is romantic-looking and won’t break the bank and will fit into smaller patio dimensions.

A bistro set

Add some cute planters made of resin for a modern and minimalistic vibe, and you can also use a sizable planter as a space divider.

We all deserve a backyard that offers privacy, coziness, and elegance, and that is what a back patio delivers no matter what size it is. Simple, inexpensive improvements like the ones we have outlined above will help turn your outdoor living space into an enviable place to hang out in, dine in or entertain in.

We all deserve a backyard that offers privacy, coziness, and elegance, and that is what a back patio delivers no matter what size it is.

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