How To Energize Your Space By Updating Furniture

You do not have to reinvest in new furniture if you want to transform the look of your room. Instead, simply updating the furniture that you already have can improve the appearance of your rooms and give you an exciting DIY project to sink your teeth into. Here are some of the top pieces of furniture that you might be looking to upgrade and what you can do to make them look even better than they do already.


updating furniture

How To Energize Your Space By Updating Furniture


Coffee Tables


  • Your coffee table will be used by your whole family, as well as by guests, to place drinks, food, and other items which could cause wear. Then, you should consider replacing your old, stained, and scratched coffee table with a contemporary alternative that can help to add flair to your living room once more. If you are looking for modern coffee tables to stun your guests and modernize your home, Anima Domus has a wide range of statement tables on offer to appeal to every style imaginable.
  • You could also consider DIY transformations, such as replacing the glass in a coffee table and placing books under the paneling





  • If you find that you cannot fit all of your clothes into a basic closet, consider updating this by replacing your closet with a walk-in alternative. This stylish choice will make you feel like a celebrity any day of the year, allowing you to try on each day’s outfit choices in a comfortable space surrounded by the clothes that you love. 
  • Why leave your closet in its original color? Wardrobes are also usually made from wood, which is easy to transform on a budget. All you need to do is sand and repaint your closet in a bright color that can complement the style of your bedroom and provide your room with eye-catching statement furniture that can make you feel good about your room. 



Updating Dressers


  • If you want to transform your dresser, one of the best ways to do this is to opt for a shabby chic style. This fashionable trend is easy to create DIY and can make your dresser look consciously vintage in beautiful pastel colors that can freshen up your room. 
  • When updating furniture, you should also consider replacing the doorknobs on the dresser with fun alternatives, such as brightly patterned handles or handles in the shape of different animals or items. 


updating furniture




  • Your bed should be the most comfortable piece of furniture in your home. You can upgrade it by adding under-the-bed storage beneath it, allowing you to declutter your bedroom and get peace of mind without building unsightly storage cabinets. 
  • Although headboards were once old news, their regal appearance is now starting to come back into fashion. You should also consider opting for a headboard to give your bed some extra style and match the comfort of your soft furnishings. 





  • You should reupholster the fabric of your sofa and replace this with leather. Not only will this be easier to clean, but the leather will stay current for longer, meaning that you will no longer be left behind the times. 



Final Thoughts on Updating Furniture…


It isn’t necessary to redecorate and update your whole home. You can simply update a few pieces of furniture and achieve a whole new look in your home. What are you doing to update your home? Tell me in the comments what you are doing in your home.


Use these tips for updating furniture in your home.



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