5 Smart Tips to Update Your New Home

If you have just moved into a new house and want to make sure that it is perfect for your new homesteading life, then you need to put in the time and work it needs to make sure that the property is suited to your needs. Here are 5 Smart tips to update your new home, especially if you are moving out into a rural area, where homes tend to be a little older.

5 smart tips to update your new home

Update Your New Home by Securing the Perimeter

The first place you want to upgrade your new home is with security. While rural properties tend to be safer than living in suburbs and cities in general, you still want to make sure that you can feel safe in your home. In addition to strong fencing, there are plenty of security features you can decide to implement, such as investing in a strong new lock for the door, replacing older doors with more reinforced options, and of course, more technological improvements such as CCTV or an alarm system for the home.

Protect yourself from the elements

Old properties can be drafty, and with an older roof, there may be leaking issues as well.  When you update your new home, you want to make sure that it is as weather tight as possible should be on the top of your priority list. Old homes can have odd architecture, so you may need to find custom made replacement windows and add better-insulated windows that still fit well with the style of your new home. Be sure to thoroughly investigate the roof as well for any signs that the roofing or guttering is compromised.

Making it greener

One of the reasons that a lot of people make the switch to homesteading is to be able to live closer to the land, with an environmentally friendly approach. When you update your new home, you want it to be environmentally healthy as well.  If so, you should consider looking at the range of eco-friendly upgrades you can make to the home, such as a renewable energy source such as solar panels – whether for the whole home’s electrical supply or just for the hot water or in an outbuilding to run a refrigerator or freezer.

Having an alternative solar energy source is a wise investment, as storms and downed trees can easily interrupt on-grid power for several days. Knowing you can still protect your home and food storage can be crucial. With solar energy upgrades you can rest easier.

Make use of odd old spaces

Older homes are more likely to have strange nooks and crannies that may have once served a purpose but aren’t really needed so much anymore. For instance, not many of us are going to need a small storage area in the wall for coal. However, with bespoke storage furniture makers, you can still update your new home and make great use of these spaces by converting them into something a little better suited to modern needs.

5 smart tips to update your new home

Don’t forget a new coat of paint

It may have been a long time since anyone showed the home a little tender loving care, so don’t underestimate just how impactful a fresh coat of paint could be for both the interior and exterior. Interior paint is a quick and inexpensive way to update your new home, and can be customized for each room and be the foundation of any decorating choices.

Exterior paint will not only help add back a little curb appeal, but help the home look fresh and inviting, as well. Paint gives the home an added layer of protection against the weather and other things that might penetrate the walls, such as pests.

There’s nothing to say that an aged home has to be a bad one. Spending the time, effort, and a little money to update your new home with the improvements above can help you make it fit all of your modern needs.


  1. I really liked the part of your article that talked about ways to make a new house eco-friendly and greener. Since we’ve been given the opportunity to work from home, I figured that moving into a house that’s more efficient with its electricity will help us save much more money in the long run, so these tips are very appreciated. I’ll keep them in mind so I can put them to use when I find a single-family home in the area that fits our taste.

    1. Author

      Good luck with your search and thank you for stopping by!

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