6 Things to Update on Your House During Lockdown

Everyone needs a project, and this is especially important now while you are in lockdown as it will help you feel productive. Everyone’s financial situation is different, but if you are lucky enough to have some money coming in, consider these 6 things to update on your house.

6 Things to Update on Your House

1. Waterproofing Your Basement

One thing you should consider is waterproofing your basement. This is an important task to do while you are in lockdown because it is a preventative measure. You are going to reduce the chances of dealing with water damage, which can be quite costly. A good thing to remember is that this job isn’t too hard, but you will need a basement waterproofing sealer that you can purchase online. You may need to watch a few online videos.

Waterproofing your basement is one of the things to update on your house.

2. Improving Air Quality

There’s no better time to improve your air quality, and the good thing is this is something you can do on your own, too. All you need to do is order a few air filters for your system.

A dirty air filter being removed

With everyone spending more time at home, you are probably going to need a fresh air filter more than ever, and your immune system will thank you later. If you are feeling especially energetic, consider cleaning out your vents. You only need a vacuum with an attachment or a duster to dust the interior, which can get dirty with time.

3. Get to Painting

Another thing you can update is your interior paint or your exterior. Those with the skill or are willing to learn could give their home a whole new look. Look at a few videos to learn how to paint. If you want it to look professional, you’ll have to worry about things like using a primer. You could even hire a professional Painting Company to do the work for you.

One of things to update on your house is the painting.

If you have children, maybe you can make this a family project and just have fun with it. You can order most of the materials you need to paint your walls. Make sure the color you use is a good match for your home. You could consult with an interior decorator who can video chat with you so that he or she doesn’t have to come to your home.

4. Consider Gardening

Gardening, especially with purpose, might be a good idea right now. You have the time to learn how to garden, and you have the opportunity to grow food. The goal right now is to reduce the number of times you have to go to the store, and you’ll be doing that with a garden.

A woman gardening

Maybe you’ll just grow a few spices or some vegetables. You can order seeds online, and you’ll be teaching your family a little more about this earth. When things settle down, you might take even bigger steps to be self-sufficient, like keeping a chicken coop for fresh eggs.

5. Simple Repairs

A good way to update your home is to simply make repairs. There are little things you can repair that aren’t too difficult, such as small holes. These holes could let in vermin or bugs.

Patching holes in walls is another of the things to update on your house

Walk around your property, and if you see any holes, seal them up, making sure you do the same for any holes inside your home. If any cabinet doors need to be fixed, consider doing that, or look for chipped doors or walls that you can fix. These little repairs can help make your home look much better.

6. Make the Smart Update to Your House

It may be a good time to consider some smart updates for your home while you are in quarantine. For example, you can install some cameras around your home, maybe overlooking your porch, especially if you’ve been ordering online more often. You should make sure you can monitor these cameras using your smart devices.

A smart home

It might also be a good idea to install a smart smoke and CO detector that’ll send a warning to your phone that something is wrong. Most of the things you can install on your own; so all you have to worry about is ordering them online.

During any downtime, there are things you can do to update your house. Take the time and follow these 6 steps to start accomplishing some much-needed maintenance right now.

Final Thoughts on Things to Update on Your House

These are just some things you can do while you’re under quarantine, but you can always do more. Just take your time with this. Focus on what’s important, and work with whatever you’ve got access to.

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