Apart from the many pleasures it offers, such as privacy, land, and the opportunity to pursue your dream of self-reliance, the countryside often lacks the conveniences of the city life. Things such as nighttime entertainment, thriving amenities and easily- accessible services of all kinds will be gone. If you’ve adjustedContinue Reading

unused land

City dwellers tend to have extremely limited spaces around their properties. Individuals living in inner cities rarely have any outdoor space to make use of. In fact, they don’t even tend to have their own building. Landowners make the most of the space they have to build upwards in theContinue Reading

Preserving asparagus is easy with this step by step method for three ways to preserve your harvest!

Preparing and preserving asparagus can be done in three ways.  After harvesting asparagus, you should wash it and discard any tough bottoms. Next, get rid of the scales that have developed around the bottoms of the spears. A potato peeler works great for this. Finally, decide how you wish toContinue Reading