open space

City life is incredible. The busyness, the buzz, the 24-7 offer of restaurants, bars and nightlife. But also this same busyness, the pollution, the 24-7 noise, and crowded streets. City life is draining. So why not find some open space to settle on? If you’ve decided that it’s time moveContinue Reading

When the time comes that you feel ready to go all in and buy your perfect homestead, you need to think carefully about the decision. After all, several elements combine to make up a successful home farm. Without them, you could be making things a lot harder than they needContinue Reading

homestead buying process

Everybody wants the home of their dreams, and you’ve been lucky enough to find it. Not only that, but an offer has been accepted, and now you’re waiting for the deal to finalize. Never one to count your chickens, it’s not until the keys are in your hand that you’llContinue Reading