3 Simple Ways To Unblock A Stormwater Pipe

Learning how to unblock stormwater pipes is a prudent move if you suspect that stormwater pipes around your home are clogged.

Your property’s stormwater drainage system consists of gutters, downpipes, and stormwater drainage pits. This system collects rainwater and directs it to the stormwater drainage system in your street or neighborhood.

You’ll learn why you have a clogged stormwater drain, how to unclog it, and how to prevent future occurrences in this article.

clogged stormwater drain

How Do I Determine If My Stormwater Pipes Are Blocked?

There are numerous indicators that your stormwater drain is clogged. Several of them include the following:

Pooling water or boggy areas in your backyard indicate that water is not escaping into the drainage system, indicating a blockage or simply insufficient stormwater drainage.

Overflowing water from the base of your downpipes suggests a stormwater system clog

Once a stormwater drain or pipe becomes clogged, it often overflows. This is because stormwater drains are typically capable of handling a large volume of water. As a result, clogged stormwater pipes can result in a variety of serious problems, including the following:

 Property and environment damage:

A clogged gutter may allow water to enter your home. It is capable of passing through doors and causing damage to your floors.

Mild dangers to health:

Rainwater that collects on the ground may attract additional mosquitoes or promote algae development, which may create a slipping danger. If rain is unable to reach your stormwater drainage system, water may back up onto your roof, resulting in leaks into your house and the possibility of mold development.

As a result, it is essential to take all necessary precautions to avoid a stormwater drain obstruction. This will protect your house from a potential flood and the associated damage.

flooded street

How to unblock stormwater pipe

We’ve compiled a list of possible methods for cleaning a clogged drain on your own – but proceed with caution! If you have any difficulties, contact plumbers emergency service who will be able to help you further.

The Natural Way To unblock stormwater pipe

If your drain is blocked only by soap or fat, you should always attempt to unclog it with boiling water (but be cautious not to burn yourself or melt the sink seal!). If this is ineffective, a good next step is to use natural enzymes, so in the following sequence, pour 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup bicarb, 1 cup vinegar, and 1 cup boiling water down the drain. This procedure is completely safe for you, the sink, the pipes, and the environment, and may be performed as many as necessary… but will have limited impact on serious clogs. Alternatively, your local health food shop or pharmacist may sell bacteria-based enzyme cleansers that are as effective and often smell rather nice!

The Time-Honored Method To unblock stormwater pipe

There is no substitute for the good old-fashioned plunger when it comes to forcing the block from the plumbing line. The power of the push propels air through the clog-clearing pipe. 

Cover the overflow with a moist towel before plunging to guarantee a secure drain seal and to drive air out through the drain obstruction. If you have a double kitchen sink, check that the second drain is blocked to maintain proper pressure. Perform this exercise many times before throwing your hands in the air. 

Numerous do-it-yourselfers have noted that this is one of the most effective approaches.

The Technical Route To unblock stormwater pipe

You may rent a Drain Auger (also known as a Plumber’s Snake or Electric Eel) from most rental locations; however, keep in mind that these tools need some experience and can be extremely hazardous if not handled properly. Therefore, calling an emergency plumbing service is the better option.

Plunger used to unblock a stormwater drain

How Do I Prevent Stormwater Pipe Blockages?

The common saying that “prevention is better than cure” is true and definitely also applies to stormwater blockages. It’s better to prevent clogging of your stormwater pipes than to begin clearing blocked stormwater pipes.

Prevention is cost-effective, less stressful, and safer for you, your environment, and your pipes. So, here are some ways to prevent your stormwater drain from blockage.

Regular Cleaning

You should have your drains cleared out by a storm drain cleaning service at least once a year. They will rid your drain of debris and other materials that have built up over time.

This way, you can efficiently ensure that a complete blockage does not occur. It is a good method that will save you money and effort.

Allow A Professional To unblock stormwater pipe

You should only let a licensed plumber carry out the installation and maintenance of your household stormwater pipes.

Don’t try to do it yourself! Use an experienced professional with many years of drainage solution experience to ensure you will get a quality result. You don’t want to be revisiting these stormwater issues every year or risk making everything worse.

Recognise The Warning Signs

It is always better to detect a blocked stormwater drain early. When this happens, it will prevent more drastic damages from occurring.

Certain warning signs tell you that your stormwater drain is about to block up or is blocked. These signs include:

  • Water gushing out of your downpipes or roof gutters
  • Flooded grates during downpours
  • Slowly draining water Flooded property

Contact a professional plumber to check out your stormwater drain when you notice any of these signs. Clearing blocked stormwater pipes early will prevent further damage, saving you time and money.

Flooded gutters


There are natural, chemical, and technical ways of unblocking blocked drains and pipes. However, if your stormwater drain is blocked, the best thing to do is contact a plumbing and drainage expert to help you unblock the pipes.

It is not advisable to try to unclog your blocked stormwater drains by yourself. This is because, unlike other drainage systems, stormwater drains connect pipes from the roof to channels that then discharge water into the water table or curb in the street.

It can be challenging to know how to unblock a stormwater drain yourself, so you will need to contact a professional.

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