The Ultimate Homesteading Basics: An Excellent Resource

I was recently given an opportunity to review a brand new homesteading book called The Ultimate Homesteading Basics. The book is written from a homestead blogger and friend of mine, Chelsea Wells-Barrett.

I was so impressed with the book, not only did I sign up to be an affiliate, but I also decided to write a review for her! This is a book every homesteader should own as part of their reference library.

From June 15th, 2020 through June 22, 2020 you can enter a giveaway for an opportunity to win a copy of Chelsea’s book plus 4 other great prizes! Check out the giveaway form at the bottom of this post to sign up!

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The Ultimate Homesteading Basics Book

The Main Contents of The Ultimate Homesteading Basics

This book is slam-packed full of some of the most useful homesteading information you will need. The biggest win for me is that she did not include any fluff, just important and helpful information.

The contents are laid out as follows:

  • Chickens
  • Ducks
  • Meat Rabbits
  • Predators
  • Gardening
  • Compost
  • Resources

The Chapter Breakdowns

The first three chapters on chickens, ducks, and meat rabbits extensively cover their care, their health, and even their housing requirements. From there you can learn about potential predators as well as preventing your animals from these predators.

The next two chapters goes into gardening and composting. Chelsea explains in detail materials to use, the methods to try, and follows all of that information up with a pretty good troubleshooting guide for both chapters.

The final chapter is the Resources chapter and is definitely my favorite. There you will find a plethora of free printables, a list of her favorite books with an explanation of why she chose them, a very helpful list of specific links to information in the book, and even a bonus section too.

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My Overall Opinion of The Ultimate Homesteading Basics Book

I have an extensive homesteading library, but if there was one book I wish I had when I started homesteading, The Ultimate Homesteading Basics is it. It is an extensive guide, filled with helpful information and tons of detail on only the most common homesteading activities.

I believe that anyone looking for an excellent reference, no fluff, resource book for their homestead should consider purchasing this book. This is a book you will find yourself returning back to often throughout your homesteading journey.

About the Author

Chelsea Bio Image

Chelsea is a homestead blogger that lives in Central Florida with her husband. I met Chelsea a year or so ago and absolutely loved her spirit and her determination right from the start.

She has worked so hard to develop and grow a homestead that her and her husband could call her own. With almost no real homesteading experience prior, she has not only bloomed as a homesteader, gardener, and person, she has become an excellent writer and teacher too.

Chelsea and her book, The Ultimate Homesteading Basics, can be found at her website, Grow Where You Sow, or at the following social media platforms:

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The Ultimate Homesteading Basics is a must-have for homesteaders everywhere. Check out my review on this book then purchase a copy today!

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