4 Ways To Give A Modern Twist to Your Farmhouse

Farmhouses have been around for a while, and most of the time, people would see them as boring or traditional at best. While there’s nothing wrong with traditional or classic designs, there’s no doubt that modern farmhouses are now getting more and more popular. Do you want to give a twist to your farmhouse? Perhaps it’s also because of the different trends in interior design that have come and gone. Check out how you can give a twist to your farmhouse today.

How to Give A Twist to Your Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse

A Farmhouse With A Twist

In the past, a farmhouse usually served one common purpose, and that was to be a dwelling for its owners. However, as time passed, newer trends changed the way people looked at ranch houses. As they’re given a more modern and sophisticated twist, what used to be a farm with a well-landscaped garden has turned into a popular venue option for events such as weddings.

However, even if you don’t have any plans of renting out your farmhouse, there are more than enough reasons to turn this old structure into a contemporary space for you and your family. How? Here are some ways you can give your farmhouse a twist:

Select The Right Furniture

All modern farmhouses usually have one thing in common: they’re cozy yet refined. They have this certain warmth that traditional barn houses often have, but it’s delivered in a charismatic and sleek way. If you’re wondering how such ambiance is possible in a farmhouse, it’s not without the help of modern furniture that complements the contemporary style of the place.

With the different furniture ideas available for farmhouses, it can be difficult to decide which ones will best suit your property. The key is to make sure there’s enough balance between rustic and modern, vintage and sleek. You can look at different sources online such as Homestyles furniture to draw inspiration when looking for furniture for your sophisticated farmhouse.

If you’re aiming for a more subdued yet avant-garde design, go for wooden chairs and tables for starters. If you can find wooden furniture made from reclaimed timber, much better. The unrefined finish of this material is surprisingly elegant enough to complement the ultramodern style of your farmhouse.

reclaimed furniture

Incorporate Modern Lighting Fixtures

A modern farmhouse won’t be complete without equally modern lighting fixtures. Ideally, what you want to achieve is to keep everything simple, organic, and intricate all at the same time. One great idea to make this vision reflect in your lighting component is by making use of industrial-style lights.

This type of lighting design will look great in the kitchen or the living room. For a more industrialized appeal, you can check out modern lighting fixtures such as pendant lights and wagon wheel chandeliers. If you’re leaning toward getting the perfect contrast of dark and light, you can consider hanging a minimalist chandelier just above the staircase. As for the dining room, you can instantly and charmingly make the space more inviting by placing a weathered iron chandelier over the dining table.

Don’t hesitate to go for oversized fixtures, especially if you want to make a bolder statement through them. Mixed metals can be another great idea to enhance the contemporary look of every corner of your farmhouse.

Play With Colors

Although gray is the most commonly used color palette or motif when it comes to modern farmhouses, there’s no reason not to experiment with other colors, too. Using an unexpected color on your interior can modernize any given space. For example, painting the front door in a charming turquoise tone can give your porch a completely elevated appeal.

Set the tone simply by playing with bright and playful colors you can apply in different parts of your farmhouse. You can paint one side of the wall with a color that contrasts the other walls or the ceiling. You can even create an accent wall using brightly patterned wallpaper if you want to dress up a particular area of the house. This idea may work perfectly for bedrooms or guest rooms in your farmhouse.

Give Your Kitchen A Makeover

While a charming chandelier is enough to elevate the sophisticated look of the kitchen or dining table, you can also consider adding more modern enhancements to your cooking area. To start with, slick and clean marble countertops are already a statement on their own. You can try boosting their appeal by adding stainless steel appliances that match the color schemes you’re trying to go for.

Keep your kitchen cabinets clean and streamlined for a more contemporary feel. Some farmhouse owners like it better when the kitchen has an all-white design. But it also won’t hurt to push the boundaries just a bit and experiment with a contrasting color for a change.

 While there’s nothing wrong with traditional or classic designs, there’s no doubt that modern farmhouses are now getting more and more popular. Check out the new design trends.


Gone are the days when farmhouses were only meant for sleeping in when you’re all tired after a hard day’s work at the barn. Today, you can give yours a sophisticated and modern twist by selecting the right furniture, incorporating modern light fixtures, playing with colors, and giving the kitchen the ultimate makeover.

When you’re all done, you’ll be glad that you gave in to the trend. And for the weekends and events to come, your modern farmhouse will be the newest venue for all the gatherings and occasions among your friends and family.

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