Tricks To Make Extra Money That Businesses Don’t Know About

The most obvious way for businesses to make extra money is to increase sales. Generating more leads, selling more goods, and boosting service sales are simple ways to earn more profit. However, we bet that you don’t know about the tricks to make extra money through other techniques.

You won’t only gain a profit from the usual methods. Instead, you can boost your profits using these savvy tricks to make extra money.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Take advantage of rebate programs

There aren’t a tonne of rebate programs on the market. But those that are out there do work. 

Take the SRP Rebate Program as an example. If you invest in window tinting, you can earn $1 back for every square meter covered. Window films allow businesses to reduce their outgoings on energy bills, as temperatures within the workspace are easier maintained. 

Why do you get money back for window film investments? The Window Film Rebate exists because you will use less energy. Being kinder to the environment allows you to reap rewards. We bet that saving energy and money never sounded better.

Build better relationships

The relationships you have with your customers will translate into your profits. If you lack friendliness and do not show respect for customers, they will go elsewhere and look for a business that can offer them love. 

Be kinder, and friendlier, and take your time getting to know your customers. They will love it and want to invest more in your business. You can feel happier as a business owner and gain more profit – it’s a win-win!

Be cheeky and ask for discounts

Asking for discounts from suppliers can feel uncomfortable. If you have been using them for some time, it might feel odd. But you never know until you try. 

Asking your suppliers for a discount on your usual order might help you save money, which puts more money into your profit pot. They might say yes as they fear the loss of a regular client. If they say no, there’s no harm in asking. You might be able to get cheaper supplies elsewhere if you do your research and ask for discounts from the get-go.

Slim down your team and hire freelancers

If your team is feeling a bit too large, there’s no harm in slimming your team down. Having too many employees will eat away at your profits. You could be saving those for other things and increasing your income.

Be savvy and cut down the team. It can be tough letting people go. But you need to do what’s best for your business. You need to be organized about this. You can’t get rid of random people for no reason. 

If you have too many people in the finance department, decide how many you need and take the necessary steps. 

It can be good to hire freelancers when you need extra help. These can cost less as you won’t require them daily. You can hire them when you need them. Then, you can be sure to always get your tasks done without breaking the bank.

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