Top 5 Trends in Wall Decor

Walls are the ultimate place to show off your personality It’s a perfectly clean canvas to awaken your creativity. It will determine the impression of the entire room. With the market full of products that look promising yet end up messing up your interior, it’s helpful to have a guide to refer to in choosing your wall decor.

Here’s an overview of the current trends in wall decor that you should consider. Which appeals to your personality? Pick one or combine them all; this is entirely up to you. Your home won’t look dated if you bring elements of these into play.

70s Colors

You’ll surely have fun exploring today’s wall decor trends if you have a soft spot for the 1970s color palette. Think of terracotta, mustard, sage, and all-but-electric bold hues of blue.

Music posters from the era, geometric patterns, or paintings sporting those, there are so many ways to show your love of the 70s with wall decor.

Wall decor


The urge to connect with nature dominates today’s interiors. Lush greens in the bathroom and natural textile in the living room combine perfectly well with the sun-soaked aesthetics of the 1970s.

Play with natural materials that will feel like outdoors inside your home. Hang a wooden map of the world from on your sage-colored wall. This is a great way to tame your wanderlust and bring in even more sunshine.

A biophilic interior doesn’t have to be all about materials, though. Explore the shapes and colors of nature to enhance the feel of well-planned, airy space.


The time when it was thought fashionable to buy things you’d most certainly throw out within three years is long gone. We’re living in the age of sustainability.

It’s the origin of your wall decor that truly matters. So pay attention to where this or that piece comes from and whether it’s a responsibly made item. It’s the perfect time to experiment with DIY if you feel crafty or support designers who truly aspire to make a difference.

Wall with shelf

Timeless Classics

If you don’t feel like investing too much imagination in your walls, you should be good. After all, classical interiors are finally back. Here’s just a shortlist of wall accents that won’t look outdated this year:

Bold Patterns

Your home will never look bland if you let in a bit of today’s craze for stripes, spirals, animal prints, and other eye-catching patterns. Use these as a color blocking tool, a way to transition between color zones, or in art objects.

Mindful Spaces: The Overall Trend

The hottest interiors of today all have one characteristic in common: they are all highly livable spaces that not only look good but, much more importantly, make you feel good. Choose wall decor that fits your personality, and you’ll enjoy a put-together look in the midst of comfort.

Which of the trends above do you like most? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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