Trends in Interior Design in 2021

The world of interior design is one that’s always changing. As such, it’s important to stay on top of new and emerging trends, of which there are many in 2021 and onwards. This is partly due to the fact that, as stated, trends are developing all of the time. However, it is also due to recent events and people being forced to stay home, decorating and changing their style as a result.

If you are hoping to switch up the style of your home with some updated trends in interior design, the first thing that you should do is consider the below list and see if there is anything you think you like the sound of. The second thing to do is contact Nativa Interiors so that they can carry out your vision to its fullest possible potential.

modern sculpture

A Maximalist Approach to Decorating

If you are a lover of color, then the maximalist approach that many people seem to be doing at the minute could be the one for you. It channels a very free-spirited nature. If you aren’t afraid to really go all out with your designs and mix contrasting patterns and clashing colors, the end result can be a room filled with excitement and an eclectic mix of different scales of print.

If you are living in a condo or a townhouse you may want to consider professional in condo interior design. They specialize in that type of space.

Combine Checks and Stripes

They are everyone’s two favorite patterns, yet they have rarely been seen together until recently. This is a fun new trend that mixes the classic themes of check and stripe together with new-season colors.

You can mix and match these patterns as much or as little as you want in order to create the right balance. Many are painting the walls check and clashing that with check bedding. But there is a whole variety of methods you can incorporate to make this style work.

 There have been some very interesting interior design trends that have developed this year! check them out here.

Use Sculptural Furniture

If used right, then displaying figures and organic forms that have distinguishable features can do well in creating quiet drama in what would otherwise be neutral spaces. This can be a great tip for people who love ceramics. You can group a number of different pieces together behind some glass or on a humbled window shelf. The best shapes that work are those that curve as they draw the eye of people. It invites them to look across the rest of the space.

Use a Primary Palette to be Bold

This trend is very effective for giving your interior an artistic edge. It does this by using two different primary colors against another muted palette. For example, if you have a statement lamp with its own big personality, bring that into a neutral space. By having such a vibrant color in an area that is the opposite, you are able to create a layout that looks great. And it will stand out from the crowd.

There have been some very interesting interior design trends that have developed this year! check them out here.

Final Thoughts on Interior Design

As lockdown eases, it’s nice that we are able to get out of the house. It’s nice not to worry so much about staying home all the time. With such an elongated period of lockdown, there have been some very interesting interior design trends that have developed. They are discussed above.

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