Trees: Important Parts Of Your Garden Landscape

If the U.S. were one giant backyard, it might be covered in lawns not trees. There is so much lawn in the U.S. that it would take one person over 4,000 years to mow it all. Unfortunately, that lawn requires around 200 gallons of water per person across the country. The typical American yard has far too much grass, and, comparatively speaking, not enough trees. 

Indeed, to come back to the image of one giant backyard, there would only be a couple of trees and some shrubs for the whole yard, putting wildlife at risk. On average, these cover less than 18% in the typical garden. Therefore, it becomes crucial to make room for trees.

Backyard trees

Care and Maintenance

Most households actively choose to avoid trees because they are not sure how to care for them correctly. There are a few tips you can learn from gardening shows and books, such as when to prune them and how to recognize common diseases.

Watering them is a lot more efficient than keeping an oversized lawn. They do not need as much watering as grass, and most can find the resource they need from the soil. While it does not mean you can skip watering altogether, you are less likely to wastewater. 


Stage the Scene

Surprisingly, another reason why homeowners avoid trees has to do with garden design. Many find it hard to include them in their landscaping ideas. Most people do not know how to take their adult size into consideration.

People think they will have a lot of maintenance, in the fall, for example, when they shed their leaves. Or some may be afraid of having to perform routine maintenance like pruning.

Typically, DIY garden landscaping tends to include a sitting/lounging area, which leaves little room for trees. Ideally, if you are not sure how to accommodate them into your plans, it is a good idea to reach out to professional garden designers, such as Amber Freda.

Landscape experts can help you design a healthy balance of vegetation in the garden while enhancing the functions you need. 

Landscaped Yard

Can I Make a Treehouse?

It seems hard to think of trees without planning a DIY treehouse for the children, the grandchildren, or even yourself! A sturdy tree house can serve as a peaceful retreat room to read a book, play, or simply relax away from the buzz of the house.

Admittedly, making your own house is not for everyone, but you can find some helpful templates on The Spruce Crafts. In theory, making a treehouse is a great way of making use of your trees and keeping them part of your home decor. However, one word of warning: Make sure your DIY house is not too heavy for them! 

tree house


Trees do more than just provide a place for a treehouse. They block strong winds that sweep across your property. They can be grown for their fruits or nuts. They can even be grown as an ornamental vision to just simply add some color to the landscape surrounding your home.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and provide us with good clean oxygen in return. Our planet depends on these tall wooden trunked creatures and life, therefore, depends on them as well.

Every homestead should have trees as part of their landscape. Find out how and why right here.

Final Thoughts on Trees

Every homestead and every property should have at least some trees in their landscape. From tree houses to providing shade, they are beneficial to our planet and their care should be done properly to keep them healthy.

So get started today and plant a few on your property whether it be for shade, for their fruits, or simple for the beautiful and graceful appearance they show throughout the year.

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