Using a Tree Stump To Make Clever Crafts

If you have or have had a tree in your garden for a long time, there may come a point where it grows larger and starts to overtake the rest of the space. At this point, you might decide that it is time to get rid of the tree and bring some light back into your garden. That also means you are left with an unsightly tree stump.

When you come to get rid of a tree it can be a big task. Sometimes you won’t be able to complete the job alone. This is why a service like Happy’s Tree Service can be useful to have on hand.

Did you know that some trees can’t be legally cut down? Certain species of trees are protected. This is why it is always good to ask an expert before you act. Once a tree is gone you will likely be left with a tree stump in the ground.

If you must remove the tree stump then try a stump removal expert Orange City, for example. A tree stump can be an annoyance in the garden, however, with these awesome craft ideas, it will become a decorative part of the home in no time!

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How To Make Clever Crafts With A Tree Stump

Placemats and Coasters

If you are able to cut the tree stump down and bring a chunk of it into the home, a great idea to craft would be some stunning wooden coasters and placemats.

All you will need to do for this craft is slice the trunk into 2 inch thick pieces. Then coat them with varnish for a country-style accessory that would look amazing on anyone’s Christmas table. You can even varnish with a different color for some more vibrancy, to add some character to the wood.

tree stump

A Unique Mirror

A mirror is one of those home accessories which we all enjoy having in the house. They are a great way to brighten up a blank wall. They add the illusion of space to a room.

If you are looking for a more unique mirror, you can slice a chunk of a tree trunk, varnish it and then stick some mirror sheeting to it. This will create a stunning, unique mirror that would be ideal to hang up in any modern home.

Simply drill two holes into the top of the trunk. Find a chain and some hooks. And now you have a contemporary mirror for a fraction of the price.

tree stump

 Cute Bird Table

Why bring your tree trunk inside and use it as part of your home décor when it can easily become part of your garden design instead? If you love animals then you will know how crucial it is for small birds to be able to eat seeds and fat during the year to stay healthy.

You can help with this and turn your tree stump into a cute little bird table, placing food out for them to eat to keep them healthy and thriving. This will have the added bonus that more birds will visit your garden.

tree stump

A Natural Plant Pot

If you want to add something a little bit different for your home or in the garden, a fun project would be to create a plant pot out of your tree stump. You will need a sander for this. It will take a bit of time, however, it can be a wonderful way to decorate your patio or the kitchen with herbs.

Simply take a chunk of a tree trunk and drill into the middle to create a bowl. Sand this smooth. Add in some compost. Then plant your favorite herbs or fruits. This would be an ideal little pot for strawberries or raspberries!

tree stump

A Simple Seat

Although it might be tempting to go to all that effort to dig out your tree stump and move it out of the way… do you need to? Depending on the location of your tree stump in the garden, there might be no need to move it. Instead, you can turn it into a cute little seat.

This can be created simply by varnishing and sanding the surface. Then if you want something extra you can add a cushion on top. You can make a cute cushion with some foam and waterproof fabric in red and white polka dots. Once stapled to the tree stump it will look like a cute toadstool at the bottom of the garden!

A tree stump can be an annoyance in the garden, but with these awesome craft ideas, it will become a decorative part of the home in no time.


  1. HI Annie,
    Some very clever ideas indeed! I love the idea with mirrors. Visiting from Simple Homestead blog hop! Sharing!

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      So glad you enjoyed the post! THanks for sharing!

  2. Very interesting article. I’ve tried to care for my trees but find it challenging sometimes. This info will come in handy.

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