Important Tree Care: How to Care For Your Trees Correctly

When it comes to tree care for your homestead, there are a couple of things that you can do to help your young trees grow. The following information will help you successfully take care of your trees.

Tree orchard


It is essential that you give your trees as much room as possible. Weeding often will be the best start that you can provide to your trees. You should have at least 1 meter of weed-free space around the base of your trees for at least the first three years of their life. 

If you don’t like the idea of pulling weeds all the time, then you can suppress weeds with mulch. You can use straw mulch or bark chips. You will need to have this laid at about 4 inches thick to prevent the weeds from growing through. 

Mulch mats can also help a lot here. They are a great option for great tree care.

There is also a range of chemical weed killers, but they aren’t always safe for younger trees. So you will need to adhere to the guidance on the weed-killer. Always try to do natural gardening methods first.

weeded beds under fruit trees


Most trees will acclimatize well to their conditions, and most of the time they won’t need watering. If you water a tree too often, it can encourage the roots of the tree to grow up towards the surface rather than reach down.

If there is a dry spell, or the weather is warm for some time, then it is important to be watering the soil long enough for it to soak down into the ground. 

Dead tree

Dying Trees

Sometimes due to disease, a tree will begin to die. It won’t produce lush green leaves and might look diseased. When this happens, you are better to get Dead or Alive Tree Service to take care of those trees for you.

Dead trees can pose a risk in adverse weather conditions as they aren’t strong or stable. Part of a good tree care routine is to remove any dead trees as soon as you may notice them.

TRee Care being needed for dying tree

Tree Guards

For younger trees, it is a good idea to have posts and tree guards to protect them. Strong winds can blow young trees over, and some animals can cause damage to them too. 

Tree guards can picked up at your local gardening store, they are affordable and they can save the life of your newly planted tree too.

Working with tree consultancy experts is a good option for landowners who wish to learn more about the correct way to plant tree saplings and whether things like guards are necessary. Be sure to consult one if you have any questions or issues with your trees.

Tree guards being used to protect the tree


You do not always have to prune your trees. If you want them shaped or you decide that you need to keep your tree neat then pruning is something that your tree can benefit from. 

Tree pruning Omaha can prevent disease, decay, and damage. Most trees are best pruned when they are dormant during the winter, you can do this yourself or hire a tree company such as Fort Worth expert tree care service to take care of it for you. Some species like walnut trees need to be pruned in the summer to help reduce the risk of diseases. 

Pruning a tree


There are some common tree diseases, but these are most likely to attack larger adult trees rather than young trees. Frost damage is a common occurrence, so covering the roots of your young tree can help prevent it from being affected by a hard frost. 

Check out these great tree care tips to keep your homestead trees healthy and productive.

Final Thoughts on Tree Care

Trees provide a great habitat for many different types of wildlife and provide some wonderful shade in the summer months. But they require some specific tree care over the years from little saplings to giant trees. Learning how to care for the specific species of tree you have comes with time and research. 

By providing the tree care as mentioned above your homestead can successfully grow more trees in a healthy and beneficial way. Do you have some other suggestions not mentioned here for great tree care? Mention them in the comments below.

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