The Perfect Treats To Warm You Up Through The Winter

The chill is really settling in for a lot of us, but you don’t necessarily have to get the heating turned up to warm you up through the winter. Food can do an excellent job of heating the body up, and there are few things more warming and scrumptious than a delicious dessert. Here, we’re going to look at some of the sweet treats that are perfect to warm you up and for making your winters a little sweeter and easier to get through.

Hot drinks by the fire

Treats That Will Warm You Up

Sticky toffee pudding

While not one of the most traditional desserts here, this is especially popular over the pond. It’s not too difficult to see why.

Similarly, it’s not too difficult to follow a sticky toffee pudding recipe. You’ll end up with a thick, sumptuous cake that’s drizzled all over in a glaze of sweet toffee. It goes even better with custard. It’s the perfect blend of thick and moist to sit nice and warm in your belly once you’re done.

A mug of sweetness

When it’s cold, you might feel a little too lazy or low-energy to go to the trouble of baking. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Instead, you can mix up all of the ingredients that you need in a mug, stick it in the microwave, and wait a minute. Then, end up with a fluffy, delicious cake, as with this snickerdoodle mug cake recipe. Just don’t forget the cinnamon sugar goes on after it’s microwaved, not before.

Mug cake

Put a little kick in your hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is a really popular choice for hot drinks in the winter and for good reason. It’s not difficult to make. It’s sweet, and it spreads warmth throughout the body like nothing else.

However, if you want to make it even more warming, then you should try Mexican hot chocolate. At this point, a little spice in your chocolate is far from uncommon. The mix of cayenne, cinnamon, and vanilla makes for a delicious smell and taste.

That’s just peachy

If you want something a little more traditional, then the sweetness that can come out of baked fruits is truly something to die for. This Tennessee peach pudding makes the very best out of one of the sweetest fruits around.

Be warned, peaches can become harder to find once we’re past august. So you might have to go out of season.

Peach pudding

Let it flow

Lava cake is one of the best desserts for retaining that warmth all the way through as you eat it. This is to the molten river of chocolate that opens up from inside.

This peppermint lava cake approach takes a nice fresh approach to the recipe as well, giving it a little kick that can make it more refreshing, which can be perfect for those lazy winter evenings.

Hopefully, the sweet treats above make your winters a little easier to get through, warming the body up and giving you a little more to look forward to if you’ve been stuck inside all day due to the weather.

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