5 Amazing Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

If you are a dog owner, you can’t plan your travel and pack your bags like a layperson. As a pet parent, you face a dilemma when it comes to traveling with your dog around the world- whether to take their pets along or keep them at home.

There may be several reasons for your dog to remain at home, such as her health issues, behavioral disorders, travel expenses, etc.

Even if you do not face such obstructions and have decided to take your dog with you, you have to ensure proper arrangements for her comfort, especially if she is medium or large. A healthy and obedient dog may not remain the same in the course of a prolonged (and sometimes troublesome) journey.

In this article, we discuss all possibilities and offer five tips for dog owners to make their trip a memorable one.

Pack the essential things for your dog

We human beings do have options to obtain all of our necessary stuff in most places we travel. Be it clothes, medicines, or gadgets- any respectable travel destination will offer you such choices.

However, your dog may not get everything it needs in all places. Keeping this in mind, you need to carry the regular needs of your dog– her play stuff, basic clothing, bed, toilet soaps, oils, as well as food. 

Traveling with your dog requires you bringing his food and treats.

If you happen to travel to nearby places by car, you can get certain regular items for your dog, like dog food and drinks, along the way. For longer journeys by air or seas, you have to take everything packed.

Additionally, you must obtain a suitable Dog Carrier to carry your dog comfortably in it. If you have planned to stay long in the new place, contact dealers there in advance and enquire about the availability of the necessary items for your dog.

Acquire your dog’s fitness certificate from a vet

International travel requires your dog to be healthy and free of any contagious diseases. You have to get a certificate from a vet to this end that will mention all the basic health details of your dog.

Remember that the certificate will not be accepted at most international destinations if it was issued more than ten days before your departure.

Some countries have additional measures for pets at entry points. Like keeping the dog in quarantine for a few days, having additional medical checkups, etc.

Taking your dog to the vet is important before traveling with your dog.

It is better to be informed about the specific requirements for dogs in your destination in advance. Besides carrying the health certificate, also keep some essential medicines for your dog with you. You never know the availability of pet drugs in a new place.

Get your dog an ID Before Traveling With Your Dog

Losing your dog in a faraway land is not a good idea. A disobedient dog or a dog who has freaked out for some reason may run away from you. This causes a lot of inconvenience for you. A fitting solution to this problem is attaching an ID on your dog’s neck. There are online pet shops that offer the most trendy pet tag shapes, visit their site.

The ID chip must mention all the basic details and medical condition of your dog, including the unusual characteristics of your dog. The ID should also include your contact details. This is so that you can be contacted in case you really lose your dog. In some places, pet ID chips are mandatory.  

Plan your dog’s travel in your preferred mode

Technically, road trips are most suitable for dogs. This is because you have the control to take her out once in a while after pulling over by the side of a road. These little stops help you to take care of your dog’s sanitary needs.

Air travel is perhaps the most taxing for a dog since she can’t do most of her usual activities on a flight. When opting for air travel, you must remember that all dogs are not allowed space in the cabin. And it depends on her size as well as her ability to stay in the limited space provided.

A dog carrier

Big dogs are generally moved to the cargo, where they may have to bear with hot or cold temperatures. According to studies, pet dogs may feel agitated and stressed on a flight, especially on long ones.

In some cases, your dog may annoy your fellow passengers. So, know in advance whether the airline provides medical care, food, and toilets for pets. If your dog is on a low fat dog food, make sure you bring your own since chances are the airline does not offer specialty type foods.

Book a pet-friendly hotel

Most hotels or rented accommodations are not very kind to dog owners. Many hotels don’t allow pets, as it may cause inconvenience to other boarders.

In some cases, they have strict weight measurements for your dog to abide by to get accommodation. In any case, you should not try to outsmart them just to get an entry in such places.

pet friendly hotel

Try to find a dog-friendly hotel that offers all the amenities for dog owners. These hotels generally have special room services and customized menus for dogs. Additionally, your dog will be offered special bedding, collars, treats, etc.

Such hotels also provide facilities like medical care for your pets, maps for taking your dog on a walk, pet-sitting services, etc. You will not face any difficulty in such hotels, even if your dog is over-sized.

You can even enjoy your dog at the beach with many dog friendly beaches in Florida, or elsewhere.

Final words on Traveling With Your Dog

A dog owner always tries to give the comfort of his dog the most priority, no matter if she stays back or is traveling. On some trips, the care of your dog really comes at a high cost, even exceeding your personal expenses.

However, if money does not matter as much for you as the joy that you will get by traveling with your dog, plan fun things for both of you throughout the course of your journey. Traveling with pets is a luxury that few people can afford. And you must make the most of it when you are touring with your dog.

We all love our pets, but traveling with them can be difficult. These tips will help you to be able to travel with your dog safely and enjoyably.

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