How To Travel With Your Dog

Deciding to take your dog on a family vacation can be great fun for everyone involved. With careful planning and some knowledge in your back pocket, you can learn how to travel with your dog and make it very enjoyable. 

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How To Travel With Your Dog

Health And Safety

Make sure you take your dog to the vet for a health check before setting off on your adventures. There are a variety of medications for dogs and it is your responsibility to make sure that all of your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and that they have the correct health certifications if you’re traveling by air.  To make sure your dog stays healthy and avoids any tummy troubles when you travel with your dog, bring along some of their usual food and treats. Also the same as for humans, it is recommended for pets not to drink tap water when they travel so carry bottled water and don’t forget any medication your dog may need also. 

Make sure you’re prepared in an emergency. The same as making sure you know the emergency services number for your own family, make sure you’re up to date with the nearest veterinary emergency hospital and keep it stored in your phone. 


Traveling with your dog in a crate is a great way to keep your dog safe and happy when traveling by car and by airline. It can also stop your dog from making messes at your hotel or Airbnb. Crates are available from most pet stores and there will be a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.  Taxi Companies are far more likely to take your pet in their cabs too if you have a crate.

Have a look for these features when choosing a traveling crate for your pooch: 

  • Large enough to allow the dog to stand, turn, and lie down.
  • Strong and sturdy with enough handles and grips
  • A bottom that will not leak and is covered with absorbent materials. 
  • Adequate ventilation on both sides. 
  • The required “Live Animal” label, with arrows and your contact details 
  • Keep your dogs favorite toy, some comfy bedding and water in the crates for when you’re all ready to go
Deciding to take your dog on a family vacation can be great fun for everyone involved.


Unfortunately, there could be a situation where your dog gets lost or is away from you for a period of time. To make sure that your dog doesn’t get lost, make sure your dog has all the relevant identification on them. 

Make sure your pooch has a sturdy leash and a collar. The collar should have your dog’s name on it, your name, and your home address. If you’re going to be away for some time then consider also having a second tag that shows your vacation location and the phone number there in case anyone tries to call. 

Consider getting your pet a permanent form of identification, such as a GPS tracker or a microchip. If your pet is found lost or injured, your local vet will be able to call you and advise that they have been found. 


Final Things Before You Set Off 

  • Have planned bathroom stops for your pet 
  • Bring toys and games for your pet to play with 
  • Pack their favorite water, food, and treats

Using the preceding tips will allow you to travel with your dog easily and safely. All in all, remember to relax and enjoy yourself and your pet will too. Happy travels! 



  1. i hope i can traveling with my dog. its hard for me to make her stay calm on the car. she always panic and try to get out form car. im affraid if i open the window she will be jump out. but i see another dog that can enjoy long trip and stay calm on the car. can anyone give me a tips for train my dog so she can enjoy the ride?

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