Transforming A Kid’s Bedroom Into One More Suitable For Teenagers

If your son or daughter is fast growing up, it doesn’t take long before they need a change of environment. What might have been suited to a 5-year-old, doesn’t really work for a 15-year-old. This article offers a few cool ideas on how to transition a kid’s bedroom from a kiddie space to one that a teenager will love.

Kids room in pink

Adult-Sized Bed

That single bed can be replaced with a king or queen-sized bed. It is much more suitable for a growing teenager. Of course, the person who stays in the room should have the final say.

Search online for bedroom furniture and give your son or daughter a budget. Then you can be sure they like the bed. Teenagers can be very particular about how their room is laid out, as well as their furniture. Giving them the option to choose ends any issues.

Floor-Level LED Lighting

Teenagers love cool lighting and it doesn’t get much cooler than floor-level lighting. Installing a dimmer switch is also a good idea if there isn’t already one installed in the room.

Paint Or Wallpaper

The room’s occupant should be the one to decide on the wall covering. Girls might prefer wallpaper or even a mixture of the two, which is trending right now among young people.

girls bedroom with wallpaper

Cork Flooring

Now that your offspring is a little older, you won’t need to worry about the floor so much. A reputable store like Market Timbers offers cork floor tiles Sydney homeowners go for.

If you are located outside Australia, a quick online search should lead you to a leading timber merchant near you. Then you can incorporate eco-friendly flooring into the space. Once the floor is installed, it needs to be sealed, which protects the cork.

Cork Wall

Cover one wall in cork tiles and your teenage son or daughter can put up posters using map pins. Cork wall tiles are slightly thinner than floor tiles and can be stuck to any substrate.

You could create a large square section with an architrave as a frame. This can be used for posters and school stuff that they need to be reminded about.

Vertical Blinds

We all love vertical blinds for a number of reasons. Let the occupant choose the colour, which might be a little unusual.

Create A Study Corner

Your child no longer plays with toys; the school work gets harder and creating a study corner makes total sense. A sturdy table to accommodate a PC, an office chair and a small filing cabinet completes the look. A couple of shelves for the many books they will need to read and for keeping ornaments and other stuff.

Desk in bedroom

Mirror Tiles

This is a great idea to make a floor-length mirror (every teenage girl’s dream) by sticking about a dozen mirror tiles on a wall. You can even put some LED strips around the frame for a really glitzy effect.

Flat TV

If your child doesn’t yet have a flat-screen TV in their room, it’s likely that they will request one. Of course, there has to be some self-discipline. You’d find that treating your offspring like an adult will bring positive results.

The above are just a few of the ways that you can transform your growing son or daughter’s bedroom into a place where a teenager will feel at home. The Internet hosts a wealth of information about bedroom design and layout, so you can always find some design inspiration. Give your offspring as much say as possible in how their bedroom will look.

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