Top 3 Things To Grow On Your Homestead

Owning a homestead comes with so many advantages compared to more conventional homes. Mainly, you’re blessed with an abundance of land to make use out of. For me, the smart thing to do is grow as many things as possible on my homestead. It’s a wonderful way of providing my family with freshly grown fruit or veggies. You could even sell your products and make a little bit of money too. This brings us nicely onto a question I get asked a lot. What are the top 3 things to grow on your homestead? Well, you’re about to find out…


Top 3 Things To Grow On Your Homestead


top 3 things to grow on your homestead- microgreensMicrogreens

As their name alludes to, these things are tiny. In fact, they’re basically vegetables that are harvested just as they’ve started to sprout up from the seed. You’ll see these things all over the world in restaurants. They’re primarily used to garnish dishes. As a result, the demand for them is high. You can use them to enhance your own cooking. Microgreens are one of the top 3 things to grow on your homestead.

If you look on, you’ll see it’s relatively easy to set up your own microgreens farm where you plant these things. You can make a decent bit of money selling them. At the very least, they’re quite visually appealing too. This means they add a nice bit of color to your homestead!

top 3 things to grow on your homestead- lavendarLavender

Don’t just assume that vegetables or fruits are the only things you can grow on your homestead. Lavender is without a doubt one of the top 3 things to grow on your homestead. It’s used for so many different things. You can plant them to give your farm an absolutely stunning splash of the iconic lavender color. They can be brought into your home as a lovely decorative flower as well.

Plus, if you want to approach the whole farming thing from a money-making standpoint, then this flower is incredible. As it shows on, lavender oil has loads of benefits and uses. This makes this flower a very in-demand product. If you grow them in bulk, you’ll have no trouble selling them. 


top 3 things to grow on your homestead garlicGarlic

There are so many reasons you should consider growing garlic. No, one of them isn’t because it can ward off vampires. Garlic is such a great crop to grow as it stands up to loads of adverse conditions with relative ease. While other things can be ruined by bad weather or soil conditions, garlic continues to grow. Plus, it’s something that’s regularly used in almost every dish you’ll ever cook. This saves you from buying whole garlic bulbs and wasting half of them.

Again, from a sellability standpoint, this crop is so high in demand. Especially if you grow special gourmet garlic which can sell for very decent prices. So garlic is one of the top 3  things to grow on your homestead alongside lavender and microgreens.


So, if you’re looking for inspiration on what to grow on your homestead, then these are your top 3 things to grow on your homestead options. I’ve picked them for three main reasons; they’re easy to grow, they can be used in your home, and they can be sold on with ease as well.



Do you know the top 3 things to grow on your homestead for not only the use but to make money from too? Take a look and find out now.

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