Tools You Need For Any Car Emergency

Imagine you are out on a lonely stretch of road. Suddenly your car stops moving, and you have no idea why. There is no way you will find a mechanic close by, and you are worried sick by now. Do you have tools?

Even the thought of something like this can seem very terrifying.

Therefore it is advised that you must always keep a particular set of tools in your car. Here we will tell you what tools should be present in your vehicle to avoid getting stranded.

car broke down

Life hammer

Sometimes we are stuck in the car, and breaking the window is the only way to get out. It is usually kept near the driver’s seat attached by Velcro tape. Keeping the tool, therefore, is a must to come out of any mishap. 

Socket and screwdriver set

Even in the best of cars, a screw here or there could get loose. A small thing like this could leave you stuck at any place. This is particularly useful in special situations like loose camera connection, slipped hose clamp, or any such problems. 

Also, you must keep different types of wrenches to unscrew or tighten the bolts of your car. If the problem in your vehicle is minimal, these will prove helpful. 

Duct Tape

You may not understand the relevance of having this in your car. But sometimes, the problem can easily be fixed by pasting duct tape. At least your car would be fixed such that you can move it to the mechanic’s shop close by. Therefore keep a roll of duct tape always at hand. Whenever you are leaving out for a long trip, do not forget this fantastic item.

Duct Tape

Two Strap

This super-strong fabric could be used more than just pulling an old truck from one place to another. Using this tow strap, you can move your broken car to a small distance. If there is a stranger around, you can ask him to help you reach the next destination. Or you could also act as that stranger and help somebody.

Jumper cables 

A dead battery can spoil your entire plan. Even though your battery may not have any charge, the jumper cables should be able to bring you back on the road. You should choose heavy gauge cables which are durable and high quality instead of going for smaller, cheaper ones. 


Sometimes you may need to get rid of certain things. In that case, a knife is more beneficial. Suppose you have a rope that is wired around the axle, or the plastic bumper is broken and obstructs movement. In such a situation, you can cut the same using a knife.

Woman looking under the hood of car


Stranded on the road can be a frightening prospect. Better keep these tools with you so that this situation can largely be avoided. Apart from that, you must also have a tire pressure gauge to see if you have a problem with that. Whatever it is, the presence of all the items is a must if you want to avoid any hassles on the road.

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