Renovating Your Bathroom? Find The Best Toilet

Home improvement means looking forward to remodeling every square foot of your home. Bathroom renovation is an essential part of home improvement. However, the toilet may not be the first thing you will look up to when renovating your bathroom.

But it is the most crucial thing in your bathroom. Can you deny this? No right? Choosing which one to use in your bathroom might seem to be a simple task, but it is not.

Choosing a toilet for your bathroom requires several vital pieces of information. It depends on which one has a unique shape or feature and what size will go well. It will help if you choose the best one that will fit your bathroom from size, style, parts, etc.

Here are few things that will make it more comfortable for you to make the best choice for your bathroom.

Types Of Toilets

Even though there are various toilet styles in the market, many people like bowl-shaped, contemporary toilets and one-piece, two-piece toilets will help if you get to know about them before upgrading your commode style.

Choosing which one to use in your bathroom might seem to be a simple task, but it is not. Brands like TOTO and Kohler lead the market, but other brands like Duravit, Gerber, and Delta have great options that might be better suited for your bathroom.

Remodeling your bathroom involves replacing or updating the toilet. Use these tips to make the best decisions.


Many people like to use toilets with a sleek appearance. Contemporary bathrooms come with concealed trap way that hides base contour. It has fewer curves, which makes cleaning easy.


It is the traditional commode style. The one you already have in your bathroom may be of this style. Many people think it is the best toilet to fit in your bathroom because of several reasons. For example, installing and using a classic bowl-shaped is more comfortable, and it does not occupy a considerable space in your bathroom.


Two-piece toilets are comparatively cheap and come with a removable tank. It occupies a great space in the bathroom and cleaning it may not be an easy task. However, because of its removable tank, it is more comfortable to repair. Replacing it can be the last option for the worse situation.


People who do not have considerable space in their bathroom will help if they go for a one-piece toilet. Apart from taking less room, it has more benefits. It has an easy installation. It does not have a seam to trap grime, making cleaning a one-piece toilet more comfortable than cleaning a two-piece. However, the problem with this type of toilet is that if any pipe gets damaged, there is no other option but to replace it

Flush Systems

Flush is one of the essential parts of a toilet. Moreover, there are various types of flush features. You can choose the best-fitted flush as per your requirement. There are two types of flush mechanisms: gravity feed that sends the water through the toilet rim and pushes out the waste. Another one is pressure-assisted. It uses less water and a bit noisy than the gravity feed mechanism. It is a better option to push solid waste through the outlet pipe.

There are unique, and new flush features like a touchless flush. It is the best way to maintain hygiene in toilets. You will not require touching the flush. All you need is to wave your hand, and it will flush automatically. Dual touch flushes are a trending flush feature that helps you using water as per the waste.

Toilet Size

If you want to replace your old toilet, replacing it with a new bathroom of the same size is essential. The common and standard size of a bathroom is twelve inches. However, people can find smaller and bigger sizes of a toilet as per your requirement.

Remodeling your bathroom involves replacing or updating the toilet. Use these tips to make the best decisions.


Many things help you find the best toilet for your bathroom apart from features, styles, and sizes. If color is a concern for you, you can find a massive range of colors.

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