Landscaping Tips For A Large Garden

If you have a large garden you know how awkward this can be for you to work with. You may feel like nothing you do looks good, and that you are constantly battling with large open spaces. If this sounds like you then here are a few landscaping tips for a large garden to try.

Plant Rows of Flowers

The first of the important tips for a large garden you need to try is to plant some flowers in rows. Flower beds are a great way to make your garden look summer-ready. This works well if you have a garden where space is plentiful.

It’s the little things that tend to make the biggest difference here. Flourishing flowers are great if you want to add a bit of vibrancy. They give you the chance to zone your areas.

Try to plant rows along your garden and mix and match flowers to create a kaleidoscopic effect. This can make a major difference and create something truly spectacular.

Paths of flowers - another of the tips for a large garden

Lay a Path

Depending on how big your garden is, and how large you’d like your garden to be, laying down a path is a great thing to do. You have to remember that brick can add a lot here.

If you have a large garden then texture and patterns are your friend. Bricks are ideal if you want to add a complementary look to your space. 

Zone your Garden

If you have a huge garden, then break it down into different zones. Each zone can have a different use. You can also have areas for flower beds, grass, and seating.

Introducing shapes and different depths is also a good thing to do. It also eliminates the look of a uniform garden, which can sometimes be detrimental.

You have to remember that each zone needs to have its characteristics. If you have a BBQ then having some seating without big cushions would be wise. Having some metal seating alongside plants that are resistant to higher ambient temperatures.

On the other side of your garden, you could have a 4 person barrel sauna. You can create a space that works without any trouble at all.

Saunas in the garden

Paving Ratio

Looking into your paving ratio is also very important. Grass can make your garden look more attractive but at the same time, you do need to maintain it over time.

You may also find that it can be difficult for you to make it look tidy if you have such a large space. If you opt for paving, this will segment your garden. It will also stop it from looking stark.

It is a good idea for you to keep your paving closer to the house. If you do you will be able to keep the look cohesive. These are all important tips for a large garden.

Of course, if you are stuck for other ideas then you may want to take things one step further. You can do this by opting for an area rug. You can lay this down around your dining area and then have other spaces suited to greenery and plants.

Little things like this can make a huge difference at the end of the day and give you the chance to stop your space from looking empty.

Don’t be afraid to go bold either, and opt for things like a fire pit and some lighting.  The more personality you can add to your space the better. It will help you to segment your space and it will also give you the chance to make certain areas stand out. Focal points are everything when working with a big space, so try and keep things like that in mind.

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